Teach me how to beat him please

What are his main weaknesses both in general and from the perspective of a Fulgore main?

I just fought a top 32 Eyedol and got owned hardcore. His shadow lighthing stuff caught me behind him while teleporting, I really in general was unsure how to block his mage shenanigans and his rushdown was intense.

I’m busy at the moment later on I will read through a bunch of these threads to help figure him out, plus I’ll take him into practice to learn his basics.

But I’m in gold now aiming for killer, I got Fulgore down quite decently but I don’t know the rest of the cast well enough and Eyedol in particular is one of my most neglected characters.

Help, please?

Shadow lighting you really just block or I think you can shadow blade dash through it. For the most part the metor/ lighting mix up is reactable my best advice is to block low and go up when metor comes since it’s slower. For offense slot of his moves are shadow counter able so do that but you go to watch out for command grab.

Always block low when faraway from Mage. Thats the typical 3 lightening strikes to teleport set up…just block low and shut that down.

During warrior be ready to shadow counter and watch out for the over head recapture. Also be ready to break the typical juggle points after medium DP, which are usually med or Hvy.

Watch out for the over head meteor if you block low on the lightening strikes.

Watch out for the jump cancels on warrior. If you block the shoulder charge watch for his his pips on the warrior head icon.

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What do you mean by DP regarding Eyedol, I didn’t think he had a DP?

And so mistake #1 was not blocking low. Oh my that explains a lot

His Warrior stance Dps constantly LOL…his med version is launcher and he can juggle to recapture it.
the stick motion itself isnt a DP motion, its QC backwards but its the same type move in the end.

I fought War-machines 13 stars Eyedol Saturday and took a game off him… they were all really close. I think I surprised him for sure.