TE2 fight stick Haptic feedback

I was just curious if anyone knew if the haptic feedback option works at all…I know it doesn’t with KI, but there are ways to get around the XB1 exclusivity (cronusmax for example) but even then anything that uses rumble doesn’t seem to light up the fight stick. So has anyone actually seen it in action to know if it even works??

BTW, for reference I have contacted both MS & Madcatz about it, neither would give me a straight answer, just that it “has compatibility for haptic feedback”


Unfortunately, in stark contrast to the KI dev team and our interactions on this game, both Madcatz and MS have taken a “lawyered up” attitude to addressing the TE2 fightstick. All madcatz will say about drivers is “you have to ask Microsoft.” Which is weird because if I was selling something expensive to consumers I might have a little more interest in things like that. Microsoft won’t answer any questions at all as far as I can tell. Neither will address in any way why the TE2 is treated by X1 as something different than a standard controller - effectively locking you out of using it with most games, including 360 backward compatible titles like SkullGirlz and Soul Calibur as well as side scrolling or shooter games where using a stick makes sense.

The short version is, I have seen no evidence of any actual haptic support for the TE2 anywhere. I don’t know why they haven’t added haptic feedback (i.e. rumble) to KI… Nothing could be more awesome than doing an Ultra and watching your stick flash to the rhythm of the Ultra. This was kind of hyped before the games release (more than two years ago) and implied as a reason to buy the stick. Since then, not a word about it. If they haven’t addressed it yet, it seems unlikely. I have small hope that something will happen for S3, but not much.

Between this, the inability to use the TE2 stick as a regular X1 controller, and the lack of drivers for Win10 I feel really let down by both Microsoft and MadCatz.