Taking art requests!

Does anyone have any KI art requests? I’ll be taking them at anytime until I close the topic.

No nsfw, no comics. Request away!

(UPDATE: Requests closed!)


Can I get a Facebook profile Picture of Jago with Sol Badguy’s Head (from Guilty Gear?)

(On second thought, I don’t really care about size or format. Just do you.)

Do you want it colored or black and white?

I want Fulgore and Kilgore fanart like this. :slight_smile:


Of course! Do you want it colored or black and white?


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If it’s not too much to ask but could you draw jago v. omen kind of like that old S1 cover art of jago and fulgore. I have no preference whether it be black and white or colored.

Wow! Just because? That’s so nice of you! I guess I’ll partake in this.

May I ask for a Kim Wu and Eagle picture? If you don’t mind coloring it, that would be ok. If you want though, Black and White is fine too. I’m not picky. I love art. My family have a background in art, so I’m excited for the art you will make! :smiley:

I’m getting over an artblock so at this point im up for anything
Thank you!


then in that case,
It would nice to have a pic of Jago and Blackwatch Genji plz

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Colored please. (And thank you)

I hope this is good. Here you go