Tagging suggestions for maximum effect

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Killer Instinct forums!

One really powerful feature in the new forum suite is the ability to tag posts. This system means that some of the previous forum areas (future characters) aren’t around any longer, as you can now tag your posts to add specific context to them in the feedback and suggestion forum.

I’ve tagged this post with some of the topics you could use in this section as an example.

Get suggesting!

I’m a little confused.

Can we add tags ourselves or do we always have to chose from a list of pre-approved tags? And if they are pre-approved do we have to suggest them here so they can be added to the list?

It might not hurt to send out a message to everyone to explain tags so they can used more efficiently. I definitely think they will make things easier in the long run.

I wrote a thread about textual streams and I wanted to tag it with ‘textual stream’ so I think that one might not be a bad tag to create.


You can create new tags. Just add them to the list below your initial post.

The most used ones will rise, and others will fall. We’ll see if we can have official ones or not with different coloring. Likely you can – this forum solution is rather powerful.

Hmm, doesn’t seem to be working for me. The box gives me the list of ones that have been created (shadow, character, etc) and when I try and type my own in and hit enter the box just goes blank. Or if I try and post with a tag in the box it just disappears instead of posting the topic and the tag.

Maybe this is a bug since the forums are new or maybe it’s my browser. I can’t seem to figure it out.

You’re correct in typing out what you want the tag to be. You have to click on the tag name generated in the text input box above, then it’ll be added into your post. Hope this helps!

Still no luck. I write in the tag in the text box and then it tells me “no matches found” unless I type one of the existing tags like ‘characters’.

I also tried this in two browsers (Chrome and Explorer) and had the same problem.

I thought this thread was TBagging suggestions for maximun effect. I’m warped, Or watch too much Paulb.

I think the difficult part right now is making our own tags to be represented in each post made. This is where the confusion is coming from. We don’t know how to properly add each tag because it’s not in the database, and if we wanted to add it properly to a post, each time we go to create it, it doesn’t show up or gets deleted in thread creation process.

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I have to second this, I have not been able to actually add any tags which don’t already exist - could there be a problem in that regard?. If new tags need to be entered somewhere other than the actual tag field, it’s not clear where and how to do so. Would it be possible for someone to look into this a bit? Maybe @rukizzel will know the answer?

Ok well if tag creation is currently limited, how about people throw some tag suggestions in the thread for vetting and we’ll add the agreed on ones?

I think tags like Discussion, Tech, Strategy, and Combo/Combos might be a good place to start.

Sounds good.

Setups, Optimization, One tag for each current and upcoming character in the game, Tutorial, Funny, Meme… things like this. Hopefully this is a good start.

Ok. I’ve added:

  • Discussion
  • Tech
  • Strategy
  • Combos
  • Setups
  • Tutorial
  • Funny
  • Meme
  • Jago
  • Sabrewulf
  • Glacius

…just for a start. See if they’re useable as I had to add them a little… strangely. If they work, we can get more added for each character, etc.

It doesn’t look like it worked… I clicked new topic and tried to add some of these tags but they didn’t show up in the results so they weren’t able to be added.

Ok. I think @rukizzel is going to have to add them the correct way, through the tags control panel – I don’t have access to that. :pensive:

Thanks for trying, anyways! Always odd problems to smooth out when changing digital systems, no matter what it is.