'Tag team' Witch character(s)

Since folks are pitching in some ideas I figured, “Hey! why not give it a try (for fun of course)! :smiley: …. The idea is super late since I never put much thought with the details and already got a character with a fashion type background. But what the heck~ Maybe they’re side characters/rivals for a potential KI comic coughdoitcough

2 young witch-like women (lovers or sisters) with telekinetic powers used through dance/combat.

(Inspired from the original dancers Aya Sato and Bambi)



Visual Ver.

Without visuals

Other idea(s)

  • Fights through their hands, feet and mind (rarely kicks)
  • Damage harshly reduced when partner is down or separated
  • Like ARIA with 3 health bars , they have 2 for the whole match
  • Similar to TJ Combo’s Last breath character revives partner little health - Used full shadow meter (hazy idea)
  • Both ages 18
  • Alignment: Neutral

Aaaaaaand, that’s all I can think of for now. Like what I shared? Yea? No? RTA get in a box?

ok :'D

(JK) :joy:


You’re such a dork lol <3
But its cool. I had a similar OC idea (I think I told you that through DMs)


There’s an interesting base idea here. Admittedly I really like seeing characters that use dance as a weapon, and given KI’s soundtrack its something that should definitely be on the cards.

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@Amakky LOL SRY! Yea xD IG should totally go for a tag team based character someday!

@DoobyDude23 Yeah it’s very different, probably bizarre as well xD but hey who knows!

They are fierce dancers- very kinetic.

Was hoping we could have a tag option for characters this season-

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ikr? That would be pretty sick

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Honestly speaking though, imagine if these girls face off against Kim Wu, I think that would be pretty sick

(if only, wouldn’t mind them as side characters at all :joy: )


Or they could be her twin sisters!!!

Yeah. They should. I have many ideas.

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Huh funny ya mention about that, sorta had a thought about them being family related to Hisako or something xD

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