T.J. Help

Hey Guys,

I just started using T.J. not to long ago he is growing, but i feel i reached a point where I’m stuck I need some help with him on what should i do some tech anything of the sort.

Thanks, FearLe5s1

Well, for starters, can you do his auto-barrage ender?

Ok say I do that what would I follow up with next. Like what’s good mixs up with him

Well, auto-barrage is an ender… so, it ends. You don’t do anything after that (well, technically, you’re free to do anything really). That being said, it causes a hard knockdown and does massive damage, so it sets you up for a lot of things quite nicely. This is, of course, assuming you can pull it off in the 1st place, since auto-barrage is breakable. That’s why it’s important to mix it up as you do it.

When performing AB, you need to hit all 6 attack buttons without repeating them. You can do this at any point during a combo where you’d normally be able to perform an auto-double (AD). How you do this is important, as some combinations are easier to read than others.

LP, MP, HP, LK, MK, HK or LP, LK, MP, MK, HP, HK are both easily readable and therefor easy to predict and break. Instead, try doing something like HP, LK, MP, LP, HK, MK - that’s harder to read and therefore, break.

Alternatively, instead of doing the AB, you can hit an attack button you’ve already pressed to cancel the AB into an advantage ender, where TJ prematurely ends the AB with a small punch, but gets frame advantage as a result, allowing you to do a follow-up attack much more easily than you otherwise could (I recommend a low attack or overhead).

Thank you tons I’m going to practice that now. And one more questions what are some bad t.j match ups

That’s a hard question to answer, because most matchups are hard to determine in this game (because it’s so well balanced), and it’s been a while since I myself have played him, but I would say that due to TJ’s forward momentum (he’s always charging), I would hazard a guess that he’s not very good against air-based characters (that is to say, characters that are good with jumping and juggles) such as Sadira, Cinder, and the recently released Shadow Jago. He does have anti-air options, but they’re few and far in between and risky (due to the timing and spacing needed to get them to work) - he’s got his Vortex, Tremor, and Flying Knee special moves. He is also not very good at wakeups (attacking upon rising from the ground).

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a link to Infil’s guide, the best KI guide anywhere online, and just to be nice, I linked you directly to TJ’s page. :wink:

Infil’s KI Guide - TJ Combo

Hey thanks a lot that link really help me out to improve my T.J. soon I will be on rebelo level hahah jk that would take some time

After spin fist don’t use light autos or people will break you. Im not very good at ki but i main tj maybe you’ll see something i use you dont. Get used to normals into command grab i personally have a hard time getting hk into command grab to work close when he stomps instead it works but sometimes tjs hard to get in with

thanks for the pointers. maybe we can get some friendly in later so i can point up a few things

My gt is same as my name if your murdering me lighten up lol jk

as soon as i’m home ill add you and we can get this t.j. mirror match on

Im off work all day

One thing nobody has mentioned, but you will soon figure out. TJ’s wake up game is absolutely pitiful. Prepare to be eaten alive by Sabrewulf etc on a hard knock down. You’ll have to guess correctly in order to escape pressure when you’re down. You will take beatings. I’m one of the better TJs online now, and I’ve learned that there is simply no reliable solution for wakeups. You can throw a shadow uppercut if you have meter, but even this is HIGHLY punishable and risky. Also, prepare to get destroyed by teleport spammers for a while. It’s a huge learning curve to learn how to apply pressure to Spinal, Fulgore etc with no projectiles and having nothing that beats dp’s when you’ve knocked down your opponent.

People say Combo is easy to learn. They’re dead wrong. There’s a reason why he’s probably the least used character in the roster, and that wouldn’t be the case if people wanted to win matches. I rest my case.

Like people have said before, TJ is a great character with a lot of offensive potential who’s capable of doing some pretty darn good mix ups that lead into potentially awesome damage.
However, like a true boxer, he’s only really in the fight when he’s on his feet. If he gets knocked down, his opponent can get in on him quite easily compared to a lot of the characters in the roster (i.e. Anyone with a DP). He’s got a lot of good going for him, but you have to be smart. His long range overhead recapture and his low grab are great tools to use, but they’re highly punishable in the wrong circumstances so it’s best not to rely on any one thing.
Remember, TJ’s greatest strength is his massive toolbox. He’s kinda like Jago in a way, but without most of Jago’s excellent defensive capabilities. Make sure to mix things up and keep things crazy.

Yes every time I face a Wulf I have to put in extra work just for the win. Also T.J. doesn’t have any wake up I lost so many matches just trying to wake to see if i can get something going. I think they should give T.J. a little buff on season 3 something more along the line of a good wake up

I always roll on wake up or just block. One thing I’ve been doing is wiff turn around punch and out in command throw before i land seems to be faking people out i got galactic geek like 10 times in a row with it

Hmm…Haven’t seen that one yet. Interesting.

I’m a rush down player so i love to always push buttons, so not having a good wake upsets me

Depends. I play TJ, and he is easier for me to use, than Jago, and Jago is my main.

Doesn’t change the facts of what I posted.