Sword Accessories? Carbine skins?

Hey so I’ve been thinking (uh-oh), what if Arbiter’s sword was an accessory? That way you could incorporate multiple swords into the game, since Halo has been gradually introducing more.

For example…

  1. Prophet’s Bane
  2. Energy Sword
  3. Red Energy Sword (Headhunters and H2A)
  4. Infected Energy Sword (green and black)
  5. Ravening Sliver (deep blue and purple)
  6. Vorpal Talon (cyan and gold)
  7. Halo 1 Energy Sword (very bright cyan)
  8. Fulgore blades mounted to a hilt.

Maybe they could be added in once S3 is done, Heck you could even offer them in a “KI REQ Pack” for KI Gold if you wanted. Just a thought.

I also thought about Carbine skins. Halo 4 and 5 have had several, maybe it could be made an accessory and some of those could be selectable instead of it just being purple.

Carbine skins.

  1. Covenant Purple
  2. Reign (Halo 4, level up Rogue class)
  3. Engage (Halo 4, McFarlane Storm Jackal figure)
  4. Locomotive (Halo 4, Steel Skin pack)
  5. Rain of Oblivion (Halo 5, uncommon REQ, blue shots)
  6. Blood of Suban (Halo 5, rare REQ, pink shots)

You’ll have to look them up, uploading photos on phone could be tricky and this post is already rather big.


Arbiter already has some of the best accessories in the game, and you’re asking for more?

Course I’d love more, but we have enough as it is…

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I don’t like how with certain sets of accessories, you can’t really see any color change whatsoever. Makes it all not as appealing IMO, especially after the 343 guys said that we could play an elite of any class (of color) from Halo. I really wanted a white elite, but can’t play 1. All we get is the gold yellow and whatever the player 2 color is - that’s it! :frowning:


May just be a bit late for that sadly. Considering his armor sets are already an accessory.

Oh yeah I’d love to see more colour options for characters with “static” accessories, of which Arbiter is most prevalent. Plus some of those 2p colours are TOO GOOD to lock away.

But I do think, once Season 3 is done, there’s room for more stuff to be added. Did you know if you want to purchase him alone you have to buy a bundle with his retro and accessories?
If a bundle of new swords and Carbines was launched, even for KI Gold or cash money, they would sell.

Plus if nobody caught it I suggested a sword made of Fulgore blades which I think sounds really cool. Of course the swords and carbines from actual Halo games would be retextures.

Yeah, as someone who loves Arbiter I hate that I can’t customize armor colors.