Swingin' size Thirteens - Rash Tech Thread

The first KI guest character comes through on his speed bike to dish out the tech.

Do a taunt every knockdown. The opponent will get salty and play recklessly. It is very easy to condition the opponent after this.


I can vouche for this.

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Cross up wrecking ball bike instinct pressure is awesome.

Some season 2 rash combos , majority of these combos do not work any more ( thanks keiths )

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So I noticed the other the day that I kept mistiming my meaty HK on Jago but I was lucking out and the late HK would hit him out of the air if he DP’d. So I went into the lab to see if I could get some anti-dp set ups and sure enough:
Ram ender > Taunt > Down Tongue > HK.
This HK will hit on frame 6 or 7 (not entirely sure) after Jago gets up. Which means it’ll beat every single one of his wake up options while also avoiding the invincibility and priority on DPs. If Jago does DP you’ll hit him after he’s already in the air so you’ll win the trade and knock him diown. If Jago does any windkick (including shadow) It’ll get stuffed. If Jago does any laser sword (including shadow) it’ll get stuffed or whiff. If Jago for some reason does wake up fireball it’ll get stuffed. All of Jago’s normals get stuffed or whiff punished.

Downsides: All Jago has to do to avoid this is jump or backdash, but at the range Rash is at when he does this he is pretty safe from getting whiff punished. Also Jago could wake up, wait three frames, then do DP but that is really awkward to time.
Also timing this is really annoying, I mash down tongue during the taunt animation to get it out on the first frame but sometimes I’m one or two frames late which makes shadow windkick and forward roundhouse win against Rash.

Basically this is just random “annoy Jago” tech that’ll get you a hit every now and then but isn’t really going to change the match up or anything.

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I got one.
land a normal on the foe>zipline>any normal based on the below

lights combo but it’s predictable which you can use to do a counterbreaker setup.
mediums do a very tight frame trap with crouching mk hitting low and the others high.
Heavies also do a tight frametrap but not as tight too.

Mediums can combo though.

No it frame traps
landing (any normal>zipline>medium they will block the medium at the end but if they try to interrupt it they’ll get counter hit.

of course it can combo.

Grounded any normal into zipline into med manual works.

Since zipline can be also input as down towards the opponent.

There is no reason to do zipline without the down towards input since you can frametrap and medium manual.

But on block its bad either way since you are punishable.

Just saying…

More like swinging size 75 because im a 13.

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Shadow boot > instinct > up tongue > jab(flip out) > !Recapture/opener > shadow linker > wallsplat ender > heavy charge > ultra.

Safe but swag.


So the Rash tech post here is barren as all hell despite being a pretty solid character full of dirty nuggets and bits of tech I never see used except in bits and pieces during ranked.

Basically what I’m saying is that unless someone has seen otherwise there is no complete Rash out there right now.

So let’s start with one of his more obvious moves; Wicked Tongue.

Wicked tongue is performed by pressing all three punch buttons. If you pressing nothing else the tongue shoots forward. If you hold a directional button while doing so the tongue shoots in that direction instead. If the tongue makes contact with a wall or the opponent it quickly drags them in that direction.

You can use the tongue after after a jump or after a grounded tongue (double tonguing) but not after an aerial tongue or a wrecking ball special.

If the tongue makes contact with an opponent it causes a small amount of hitstun, but no damage, that can be confirmed off of at midscreen with most aerial normals. The tongue is -5 on block making ti quite punishable depending on the character and angle from which contact was made.

The Tongue as a Mobility Tool

The most obvious use for the tongue is to zipline around the stage rapidly changing positions against the opponent to go for crossups, bait out unsafe punishes, get out of the corner, throw off an opponents offensive gameplan, or to simply leave an opponent guessing on where you’ll be attacking next.

The Tongue as an Offensive Tool

Using the tongue offensively is tricky.

From too far away the tongue does not combo and is very unsafe. Whehter blocked or not a hit with a grounded tongue from any range has a very long recovery and is easily punished.

Thus the only way to use it offensively is with either you or the opponent being airborne. There are some set ups that let you hit with a grounded tongue and confirm into battlemaniac but for the most part you should not try to hit someone with a grounded tongue.

To combo off of it you must hit an opponent from around mid range and follow up with a medium or light button. Airborne opponents must be flipped out, recaptured, or launched to continue the combo.

The tongue can also be used mid combo in a variety of ways as a manual which adds about 7 to the KV meter. I haven’t found much use out of this myself outside of swag and to throw off breaker timing if you’re opponent has been reliably breaking your bnb’s.

Tongue as Meter Gain

Here’s where things get hilarious.

If the tongue hits anything that is treated as a projectile Rash devours it and gains quite a bit of meter off of it.

Other effects are determined mainly by the actual nature of the “projectile”. I’ll go over each one I know about.

Jago: Rash can devour fireballs of all strengths including and up to the shadow fireball.

Shago: All fireballs edible though shadow fireball is mult part. Therefore it cannot be completely eaten.

Aria:All fireballs are multipart and therefore cannot be eaten. I believe you can eat shotgun knees and grenades as well but those do not disappear on hit. Tongue can be used to stuff assists and knock them out for a bit but this does not gain you meter.

Gargos:To my knowledge gargos’s punches can’t be eaten at least not easily. His minions however count as projectiles and can be happily devoured. More, since each hit with the tongue counts as a hit on the minion Rash can completely erase the minions and gain sizeable meter off it.

Riptor:Rash can devour mortars to make them disappear. He can also eat flame carpet, and riptors heavy flaming attacks. While these do not disappear it does grant Rash meter and makes Rash the only character who can french kiss Riptor mid match and live.

Glacius: Rash can eat the hail cuasing it to disappear. Care must be taken as while doing this as Glacius can easily close the distance with cold shoulder or hit with a shatter if you’re not careful.

Maya:Daggers move fast but eating them knocks them to the ground where they were hit.

Arbiter:Bullets move way too fast to reasonably consider eating. Grenades chucked from downrange are easy meat.

Kan Ra:You’re a toad. He spits bugs. Enjoy. His sandtrap can be eaten if he’s using it as the tongue hits. The trap does not disappear.

Omen:You can eat his fireballs but this is not really advised as devouring them can put you into a position where omen can easily confirm into something.

Kim Wu:You can eat the dragon cannons. However the dragons keep coming and the timing is tricky even from all the way across the screen. Don’t bother.

Mira:You can eat all the bats. Her individual bats give you the same amount of meter as eating any other projectile. Meaning a Mira relying on bats to get in feed Rash a lot of meter. Even her instinct bats get devoured by the Patron Lord of Gluttony. What’s interesting is that you can actually devour two or three bats at once depending on how fast you close to her you hit them when they come out. It’s entirely possible to hit all 3 bats as thye come out and stuff her offense entirely. Basically Rash crushes a bat spamming Mira. You give him all the meter and he stuffs all your fireball set ups.

Sadira:Her fireball can be eaten though given the angle she likes to do it this can be rather tough against a competent sadira.

Orchid:You can eat the grenades. But more importantly you can eat the instinct tiger. The. Whole. Tiger. In your mouth. You probably won’t be doing this in the middle of orchids pressure. But imagine the opponents reaction when you simply vacuum eat their huge glowing tiger.

Spinal Naturally you can eat the skull projectiles. Watch the overhead ones as many spinals will bait out the tongue to teleport into you.

Aganos: You can eat the club and rocks but some of the projectiles don’t disappear and you eat them in the face. Chances are aganos isn’t going to try to zone you anyway.

Cinder:And lastly you can eat cinders firebombs.

Fulgore:As expected you can eat his fireballs. But like spinal watch for the teleports or other such followups after a baited fireball.


I’ve been watching a lot of videos and no one does this. If you instinct cancel a boot to make safe but it hits and launches you can use another boot to bring them down into the bike to continue the combo.
Both lk and mk work so not easy to break.
Every video I’ve seen where this happens the opponent is grounded from the cancelled boot and you’re in your own post bike whiff mixup…

Very easy to hit confirm.

I don’t know if I would consider this tech, or a bug or what but, if you use battle maniac 2 hits as a juggle with punches vs kicks, there is a noticeably different fall speed between the 2(yes it does require 2 hits, I haven’t tried 3 but 3 is highly noticeable and 2 lights is harder to react to). The punch one is a lot faster but if you use the kick one, if they are not paying attention you can easily time lock them out. You can wait for probably 5+ frames, press St HK and confirm into another boot or light wrecking ball since they fall sooo slow. I just found this and I’m astounded at all of the things you can follow it up with. Easiest setup, Cr LK or MK into heavy boot, dash cancel into 2 light battlemaniac kicks, and watch for timing.