Sweet Victory

You know, I REALLY hate going up against people who think they are all that and a bag of chips. I dislike the constant teabagging and taunting, as if they are constantly telling me how much better they are than me. I ran into this guy today, and after I took the first match, he did nothing but taunt and attack and then teabag.

The only consolation though, is when you actually take them out and show them that you should never taunt a Sadira… especially one that is hacked off. :smiley:


Heeeel yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! I’ve seen that GT recently with Pink Diamonds… They must be friends or something…I don’t know…but yeah that was way to much taunting and TB… I hope he/she learned a lesson from that match.


Good clip!


I know that there’s a fighting game clan called the C88’s or something. I find most of them are really, really good, but many of them are also arrogant and rude to a fault.

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There are a number of people in Crazy 88 and most of them are incredibly good and decent human beings, such C88 Mygod, C88 Deviljinn, but you’re right there are a few that take things too far, as if the C88 on their title actually is worth anything.

I think C88 (whatever) Diamond got hacked off because I zoned him to death during the first match. He spent about 20 seconds of the second match just taunting before finally going after me. Even still he barely one that one. I was PRAYING to the Good Lord above to conquer his butt after that escapade.

I knew he was trying to get under my skin, as I wasn’t a push over, so I just kept my cool and did my very best. I didn’t pull of anything flashy, but I won. That is what counts.

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C88 Mygod a decent human being? Don’t tell lies. That player has been despicable to me every time I’ve fought him…

Really? I’ve never had a problem with him… but then again, I usually beat him too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Paul B however… I think he could taunt between each attack and still destroy me. He doesn’t fight… he creates poetry… Wulf Poetry that is. O.O

I liked the Matrix move when Sadira went for a wall cling while Orchid activated Instinct.

It’s like it knew :smiley:

@WebNRaGnArOk Explain that mixup you were trying where you throw x jc x wc… What are you trying to do?

Very nice let’s play sometime. I could use some Jago vs Sadira practice.

Im pretty sure the Blood diamond name is fairly new to the C88… i had never heard of him until last week.
I know there was someone out there that Tex Ace was saying just started using the C88 tag without even actually being inducted into there club or whatever you call it.

Im just glad you woooped his arse

@MoBVertigo - If I have an individual that has a DP and knows how to use it and I have them in the corner, I will do a jump attack, and strike them with whatever hit/kick button I choose and then use a heavy Web Cling to pull me away and reset my position. In most cases they will try to DP as soon as they land, and I’ll be out of the way and flying back by the time they are almost to the ground.

This also gives me an opportunity to start pressuring them, if they don’t DP… or simply get away, if I need to.

great work! man i need to take sadie out on a hot date again, my skills with her have severely dwindled. gah!

Here’s another good fight, this time against Hisako. Considering that I lost to a few Hisako’s today, I was REALLY happy to beat this guy. I also nailed one of my harder to pull off combos on him… even better. :smiley: