Swamp Thing Movie

Now just curious is Swamp Thing a superhero, antihero, or the latter/more so than the other? :thinking: :confused:
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kind of like a superhero. usual scientist gets ■■■■■■ over and exposed to a chemical or some kind of project that goes awry transforming him into something. the original movie was from 1982, and i think there was a sequel as well as an eventual TV series in the early 90s

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I’m not an expert but the original comic book, as I understand it, was in the vein of a horror comic, although Swamp Thing was clearly the vengeful swamp spirit you were supposed to root for. This new show (I thought it was a series not a movie) appears to be moving in that direction.


if there is some kind of trial for the streaming service its on, i may give this a shot to see how it goes. i see a couple actors i recognize in it

Apparently they have licensed their streaming content to Netflix in countries where they don’t offer a streaming service. This includes some countries I regularly visit. I tried to watch the teen titans series but it’s unwatchable. Bad acting, bad effects, bad directing, bad cinematography. Keep in mind I’m sitting in a hotel with nothing else to do and I still couldn’t watch it. Let’s hope they do better with this.

holy ■■■■, thats pretty terrible lmao. im gonna wait to see how it turns out before i do anything. i cancelled my netflix 2 months ago as well, i barely used it