Surge Slide bug on hit in Eyedol patch

I think I found another bug w/ Shago, not the Eyedol Slide bug or heavy slide not travelling far enough, but this time involving surge slide on hit. On hit, Shago doesn’t go completely behind the opponent when they’re launched. Instead, he’s directly under them, so you have to wait a little longer than before to juggle, which is nice because it disrupts their timing (and honestly it looks weird rn), increasing the chance of a lockout. However, it also makes the timing on some juggle combos more strict as well.

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Yes please I’m wondering if they going to fix this because I cannot connect no combos!! Please fix it everytime I use the move at end up on the opposite side of the character. And like you said you have to wait a few seconds to hit the opponent. And it is really hard to do a air juggle after that…