Supreme Edition?

So I plan to get a xbox one soon .Currently I just have 360 .Think I heard your purchases go between xbox one and pc. If so if I buy the Supreme edition for 60 bucks for xbox one can I play it on pc still in the mean time. I want to get the classic arcade 1 and 2 of killer instincts. The 50 dollar pc one doesn’t come with those and I don’t see a way to get those separate by themselves.

edit: The supreme editions.

If you buy the Xbox One Supreme edition for $59,99 you can play Killer Instinct (2013 - Seasons 1, 2 and 3) on Xbox One and PC and the Classic Arcade Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 on Xbox One ONLY.
On the other hand you can buy the PC Supreme edition for $49,99, you’ll still be able to play Killer Instinct (2013 - Seasons 1, 2 and 3) on Xbox One and PC but you’ll not be able to play Classic Arcade Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 on Xbox One.

Seems like you’ve got things figured out. :slight_smile:

Note the above point about the classic arcade games being Xbox One only, though. That’s the reason the Windows 10 store version of the Supreme Edition is being offered for $10 less, after all.

Yep you’ve got it all sorted!

If you truly plan on getting an Xbox one… BUY the XBOX ONE VERSION! You will not be able to get the classic later down the line if you buy the PC version just to save 10$.

Think of it as an investment for the classic games. They will be waiting for you once you finally get your Xbox one.

That’s my advice.

You should have traded in teat 360 when Gamestop had 100$ credit for the purchase of an Xbox one or PS4.
I traded my ole raggedy PS3 and some games and walked out with a PS4 for 100$. They still have these deals from time to time, currently its 50$ I think. Just check on their website to find out.

FYI…Gamestop does have the 100$ trade in credit right now for Xbox 360 slim and PS3 slim.

I agree with those saying you should get the xbox one supreme edition as then you have the additional games and all the content, as well as the ability to play all the new content onPC

So how does the data thing work when signing into the Windows 10 version exactly?

If I own every season on Xbox, but I sign into the Windows 10 version first, do I lose all my characters?

you need to sign in to the XBOX version first if you want to keep your saved data, otherwise if you sign into Windows version first, you will get a warning say that you will lose are character/progression data. but anything you have purchased is tied to your XBOX live account.

Okay cool. The Windows 10 FAQ on the main page says

Once the update is complete and you have launched Killer Instinct again, you will be able to login into Windows 10 to access your owned and earned content.

Which sounds like it’s saying I need to do this to access my Season 1&2 content. If it’s just save data then that’s no problem at all.

If you want to start fresh or dont have any saved data, then just sign into the Windows version, anything that you bought is tied to your xbox live account, so once you sign in, all the content that you have bought, characters/packs will be there.

Starting fresh is fine with me. I don’t have an Xbox nor access to one so thanks for clarifying that.

Yeah same here. Cant wait for Tuesday to get here already.

Its already in the windows store -
but you cant download it yet.

okay @rukizzel one question. If someone buys the supreme edition on the XBOne do they still get the pc version for free?

This has been answered already I believe. If you buy the Supreme Edition for XBOX One, you get everything (including classic KI and KI2 games - those are XB1 exclusives) on the Windows version as well, you wont have to buy it again, everything is transferred over. However if you buy the Supreme edition for Windows10 version, you wont get the classic KI games on XB1.

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Okay just wanted to make sure. In that case I would definitely recommend the XBox version you’re basically getting EVERYTHING for $60

Yes exactly, the classic KI games are available for PC using an arcade emulator. I guess thats the reason why they arent included in the Windows version. Wouldve been nice if they were but I can deal with them not being included.

I have another question: I have Shadow Jago, but it doesn’t appear anywhere that I can see on my Microsoft account on the website. I suspect because I used the Day 1 gold card rather than purchasing his bundle when he got released.

Will I still have him if I choose to activate the Windows version first?

That is a good question, but I think he should be there in the windows version, since every purchase is tied to your xbox live account but I am hoping @rukizzel can clarify this.