Support for xbox1 fightsticks in win10

Hello guys.

Im new to the forum aswell to the game.
So my question is if there is any news or rumours about the support for xbox1 fightsitcks?
In game we can see its coming soon. But how soon?
I just got a TE2 today and was wondering if i should switch cables etc to make it work with 6 buttons or wait if the wait isnt too long.

GoodGames everyone.

X1 controller (and stick) non-support as been a known issue in Windows 10 since they broke it in early March. That over 45 days now. So don’t wait on MS…

As a rule of thumb, whenever a dev says it’s coming “soon”, it means at least 6 months. At least.

You’ll have to re wire if even works i played hell getting my xb1 atrox to work

There is no definite date for the X1 fightstick drivers to land in Win 10. So, considering how easy it is to move the wires I would recommend that you do that. But, even so u think you will need a cheat device or software program to get the inputs recognized…

Naw theres a link i got off redit for the very original xb1 drivers if you roll back that driver and manually select the original driver xb1 sticks work with the rewire

Let me find it

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Why the heck would they change it so it doesn’t work? It’s interesting because although I can’t get anyone to answer me in these forums, I know they changed the way sticks are treated in X1 too. I used to be able to control things like Netflix with my TE 2 and then suddenly, poof, one day it was no good.

God, I want to be supportive of team MS if for no other reason than they brought KI back, and frankly I think they have done some things (like Xbox Live) that have really propelled the industry forward. But sometimes I’m just sitting here with my mouth hanging open and a little trail of drool coming out wondering what the heck would cause them to do some of the things they do.

Thanks all for the advices.
Yeah i just did the rewire thing and installed some driver from a youtube video to make it work.
Hoping MS will release drivers soon tho…

They really need to release this soon. And hopefully they fix it so the xbone recognizes the stick as a regular controller also but i doubt that’s ever gonna happen.

Well, there are some positive developments. The latest 360 backwards compatibility titles work with your XOne stick. They haven’t upgraded older ones (like Skullgirls) but at least it’s a start…

Let me see that video

Here u go:

It says its for Atrox but i guess its for all Xbox1 sticks. At least it worked the same way for my TE2.

Exactly what i did to get mine to work thanks for video can grab driver from the reddit link too

Start netflix with fightstick and it’ll work just fine

The fightstick works in the main UI, but it doesn’t work once you are inside the program. Unless they have fixed this since the last time I tried it.

Tried last night moving around playing everything

It’s a Windows thing, so it’s out of our hands. I do know that they’re working on it. When we get an update, we’ll let you guys know right away.

Thanks for the info mate. Good to know their working on it.

How Ironic MS, we all had to buy new arcade sticks to play this on Xbox One when it launched and we couldn’t use our 360 arcade sticks, now we have no choice but to use our 360 arcade sticks and can’t use our Xbox One arcade sticks smh How long would it take to make a driver? a few minutes MS? So unacceptable for something so basic

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xbox one arcade stick(madcatz, atrox) is not support windonw10 & windows7 .

if you rewire , use only 6button (PPP,KKK) . but never use other 2button.