Super Sampled KI on Xbox One X

Definitely a nice upgrade. No jaggies anywhere. Enjoy if you’re getting an Xbone X on 4K or 1080.

Before and after… see all the jaggedness is gone.


Have you noticed any difference in the load screens? Are they shorter?

Yeah it’s a bit faster. Also the game no longer does that weird thing at the end of matches where effects seem to shut off when the stats come up. You know what I mean… it’s like the lighting and glowing changes.

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Can I ask if lighting and blacks are the same as the xbone version?
More lighter? More darker? The same?
Thank you in advance

Tried loading into training stage and back to character select a couple of times.
First time loading into both it feels like not a big difference, but when doing it the second time it is reeaaaaally fast.

Also, no flickering edges anymore on 1080p.

Feels and looks great.

Yeah every game I’ve tried looks so clean. Halo 5 is a massive upgrade, even on a 1080p screen. KI looks fantastic too. Load times aren’t that much faster, but there isn’t a jaggy in there.

Just try switching back and forth between training mode and character select. It’s much faster.

This is the only game i’ve played on my X so far as i’m transferring games to the internal drive. I’m so impressed with it visually. Looks stunning in 1080p supersampled from 4K. I removed the hud just for fun to really appreciates the graphics and it looks as good if not better than any other fighter on the market in my opinion.
I didn’t notice the faster load times though unfortunately but that could be because the harddrive is being used transferring games. Hopefully thats the case but i’m still loving the upgrade.

Been playing a bit more and gotta say, the difference is massive. 900p to 1080p super sampled it’s a huge leap. Things like the flags in the back on Jago’s stage or the island on Aganos are just crystal clear with no jaggies at all.

SO you mean you dont have a 4K tv? Why play in 1080P?
Or are you saying KI isnt true 4K?

I have an xbox one x hooked up to a 1080p tv. It renders the image at 4k and super samples it down to 1080, so it’s even clearer than 1080. Even on a 1080 it’s a massive improvement over the xbox one regular.

Ahhh ok… worried me for a second lol
Ill be getting an X soon… waiting on the best trade in value and save up a couple hundred

I’ve been setting up my Xbox One X since I got off work and been updating and getting my settings ready. Just booted up KI and Cinder looks so good. If only I can get that dang color 10, I’d love to see that in 4k. Unfortunately, I don’t have a 4k screen yet, so I’m just enjoying the super sampled 1080p image as well.

Hopefully, someone is gonna drop a massive deal on a 4k television set on Black Friday, and something with HDR if possible. I’m wanting to see what the games that support HDR look like. Injustice 2 supports it and is also supposed to be upgraded for Xbox One X enhancement.

Added a picture showing what super sampling does on the xbone x.

I always wanted to see Tusk’s armpit in 4k.


We’re in true next gen territory now, boys!

Finally got my XboneX. Forget super sampling, biggest improvement is no more matches where the textures don’t load!

I got my X tonight and WOW ! KI looks amazing and loads, menu changes ULTRA! fast! No more sluggish Fighter menu when building accessory load outs. Everything just feels and looks so much more crisp. Im about to fire up Shadows of War now…waiting for the 4K update to install on the game.
Injustice looked great too but I didnt sense much of a difference as in “Enhanced for XBX”… but KI has a major difference in graphics.

No Xbox One X for me yet. :disappointed_relieved:

Gotta get the funds together first.