Super Bowl LI (and Ads)

All talk Super Bowl 2017 goes here.

As campy as the original Transformers cartoon was, I can’t hate on Bay’s movies of the franchise.

So, Falcons or Patriots?

Do you know why? It is because he can’t go 30 sec without using some from of explosion

Falcons. Not because I like them. It because I don’t want the Patriots to win.

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Don’t forget the lens flares…

@SadisticRage76 Not a patriot, are we? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha. I am for the people that serve our country, but for the NFL team. He’ll no. I can’t stand that over rated QB. The only thing I dislike more will be all the bandwagon people who will run to the store tonight after the game to buy all the winning teams items. Then they will spend all fay tomorrow saying how they have “always been a fan” living in IL, I seen people jump on the cubs wagon so fast it was sickening.

Atlanta makes the 1st TD!

Just saw your Transformers ad. :slight_smile:

puppy bowl better than super bowl 100% lmao XD

As much as NE is dropping the ball it makes me think they can’t handle inflated footballs. :stuck_out_tongue:

My bro thinks they’re deliberately throwing the game because of how bad this is.

Nice! Falcon intercept AND touchdown! Wow!

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GotG:V2 = best trailer so far, IMO.

Lady GaGaOMG! She can move!

He spooked the other player into a stumble and caught the ball. ROFL! :joy:

Best SB moment yet!

A beautiful fakeout for a 2-point conversion. It had me fooled.

28/28 into OT!? The 1st OT in SB history! Awesome! :laughing:

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34/28 Patriots win in OT; barely made it into the goal line. Awesome, awesome game…

1st OT in SB history; Tom Brady, QB with most SB wins in history; Bill Bilicheck, coach with most SB wins in history; a 31-point comeback. Records were made tonight.


That wasn’t great Falcon’s pissed away a great lead. Time for the bandwagon to kick in.

Can someone e check the air in the footballs?

On the contrary - as someone who’s neutral to both teams, I respect the Falcons for a great 1st half, and the Patriots for a great 4th quarter. Great game all around, for both teams.


Be a man and pick a side. :laughing: No one is neutral, they are just in hiding so they support whoever wins. :laughing:

You don’t see me editing all my Falcons posts and changing them to Patriots