Sunset Overdrive free right now

Sunset Overdrive is free right now on XB1 with games with gold for the rest of this month along with Lords of the Fallen, Saints Row 4 and The wolf among us.

I’ve put just over 4 hours into it and it’s pretty good my opinion it’s one of the best ones yet not to mention it’s made by Insomniac games the creators of Spyro and Ratchet and Clank.


I played it last year. It was GREAT. I’ll replay it because I just got the DLC for it. I got the disc when I first had it. So when I saw it announced I traded it in. I’m glad more ppl will get to play it.


Chaos squad(?), my favorite multiplayer mode. Never had so much fun. No, not even KI.

Would you like to play it sometime bo?

Sunset Overdrive is probably one of my favorite Xbone exclusives. I was actually kinda sad when I had to sell it for other stuff. Now that I have it again, I’m gonna have fun getting back into it again! There are still collectables that need collecting, and I may even buy the DLC myself!

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I remember the initial wacky trailers and promos, those really got me into the game, its just so much fun to play. Went and bought the white X1 bundle for it, also bought the DLC, no regrets. Easy recommendation to anyone with an XB1.

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SO = funniest. game. ever.

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It is immense. I had it when it first came out but never played the dlc. So I’ve started it from scratch again. I live this game

great game, knew it’d be good, but this blew away all expectations

I was thinking of buying it when it came out but unfortunately allot of other games I wanted came out around the same time so I ended up backing out but I’m glad I finally get to enjoy it now.

The DLC is real good.

Ah yes, I almost forgot how meta I got into this game.

Rule #1: Deployables are GOD.

Rule #2: Captain Ahab + Single Shot Damage focus+ OD Damage focus =1 shot hurkers

Rule #3: AOE>Non AOE, and Hairspray Launcher> Other AOE

I’m having a blast with this game. Never knew how much fun this game is.

its like Deadrising and Saints Row had a baby that is very self-aware that it is a video game, i love it, while in some aspects, its customization lacks a little bit, its enough for me, ive been playing it all week

Ah yes, I remember good ole Sunset Overdrive. It’s still one of my favorite Xbox One games. One of the funnest, funniest, story modes and great character creator. It makes me sad that they wont build on that game any more :confused:

I enjoyed it, not as much as I thought I would’ve but I will surely go back and play a few hours.

We should do Chaos Squad. :grin:

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So apparently I’m kinda godlike at Chaos Squad. :astonished:

I mean, back when I played the game a ton I did pretty well, but so did a lot of people. Now I’m hopping into Chaos Squad and carrying entire games. I even wound up with double my nearest competitor’s score once or twice. Will post videos when I can but…Woah.
Of course the one game I dominate in is the one that’s dead until games with gold happens lol.

How many people can play it?

Chaos Squad is up to 8 people I believe.
Maybe we should start arranging forum matches.