Sundown Survival Horror

It boggles the mind that Rare never went forward with this game. I mean, just look at this!


Seems a bit “off brand.” It could have been great or it could have been resident evil fortnight edition (everyone forgets that the actual game Fortnight that you pay for is this exact plot and style - not the tacked in free to play Battle Royale that all the kids play).

True. That said, though, Rare had always been about exploring different terrain and leaving their own signature in some form or another, so a foray into the horror genre would have been welcome, especially in terms of Mature-rated horror.
Yeah, I remember “Fortnite” was going to have that zombie element early on. That part seems to have been entirely forgotten.

It’s still in the game as far as I know. It’s just that no one bought that part, instead playing the free to play Battle Royale.

When was Rare putting this game idea together? I don’t have a good sense of what generation of hardware this was for or what kind of games we’re releasing at the time.

So from what info I could find on the game, it was announced back in 2006 by Rare only for it to get cancelled early on so that the studio could focus on two other projects.

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It would be cool if Rare revived this project, just because of all the rage with survival horror games with the “Resident Evil” series and its recent remakes.