Summoning the Genji

The Dragon Spirit

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@anon39655210 Needs healing.


It’s a really cool skin. I don’t play Genji much, but man does this make me want to play him…

I just spent 1000k on Genji’s Sparrow skin and this comes out…

Hello Darkness My Old Friend…


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He looks like a Cyber Ninja version of Jago…must be the hair and mask.

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The Dragon Warrior too

My dude, there is only one Dragon Warrior


Really digging these costumes from the characters, have to get back into this game… apparently they brought survival @TheNinjaOstrich?

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Yes. And It’s the Survival you like, as in completing objectives requiring teamwork, and skill. It’s even got a little bit of a Wave portion too.

It’s got some lore to boot, I mean we get to play an actual CANON event.

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Sounds pretty sweet. I’ve been itching to get back on this game again, hopefully this is a nice welcoming.

It is. It’s more fun than the Halloween event.