Suggestions To Shin Hisako's Ultimate

Good night people, how are all of you? this time what us talk about Shin Hisako’s ultimate? as i made in my previous topic i’m come here to suggest a finishing move to the character, this time, this character is Shin Hisako, and again: i want to know your opinions and suggestions, so i will put here what i thought:

Suggestion: Well, her ultimate must be completely different of the finishing move of the original Hisako, so i thought in the use of her katana. First she pierces her katana in the ground and made a pray position, summoning godlike lights involving her (we must remember she is a kami spirit, this mean she’s have godlike powers) to charge her power potential at 100% so Shin Hisako takes her katana from the ground causing a wave of energy that launchs the opponent in the air, Shin creates many spirit orbs and with full power strikes all of them at once, redirecting them to the victim and the scene goes off screen with a lot of cuts in the body of the victim indirectly suggesting that the body of the opponent was reduced to pieces.

This was the best i thought for her remembering ever that the ultimates are mades with the usual attacks of the characters as a base, and no gore on them, and this for me is completely understandable. And you? what is your suggestions? thanks for the attention.


I would definitely use this as a start, but then show the sword lift out of the ground on its own with the typical yellow ghost glow, and then show Shinsako point at her opponent, and then have the sword point at the opponent. The camera then follows behind the sword’ s hilt as it flies towards the opponent, and right as it’s about to plunge into the opponent the camera moves up to focus on their face as they react in pain and fall. Camera back to Shinsako for her final pose.


Wow, amazing suggestion!!! I liked it :slight_smile:

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I think that having shin hisako do her own version of the raging demon would be the best kind of ultimate.

Shin hisako sheath her blade and gets in a quick draw stance as ghostly kanji appear around her. Then she dashes toward the opposition and the screen goes dark before an eruption of sword slash sound and visual effects fill the screen. and at the end an explosion of green fire. Then the screen clears revealing the kanji for “shin” written in that same green fire. alternatively the kanji for hisako could work as well. Then the screen goes closer to the symbol revealing that we were seeing the kanji from a birds eye view and on the ground is just fire and the figure of shin hisako walking away through the green flames.


AMAZING!!! you’re pretty creative :grinning:

hehe thanks.i have always seen shin hisako as KI akuma/shin akuma so a homage for that came to me quite fast.

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