Suggestions to Gargos Ultimate

Good weekend people how are you! there’s a bunch of time i didn’t came here to continue my ultimate suggestions, because i run out of ideas but now i return with some things to say, and this time i arrives with 2 suggestions of ultimates to Gargos! like always, you can left below your own suggestions and what you think about my ideas, let’s rock!

Suggestion 1:

Gargos grabs the victim and open a portal to or Astral Plane or our solar system, so, he throw away the opponent and strike him/her with a lot of portal punches until he delivers a fatal last punch that throws in higer speed the opponent or to our dimension’s sun or to any object in astral plane that explodes or consumes the victim, and in the end, Gargos laughs like a maniac.

Suggestion 2:

In the Omen’s dossiers in Shadow Lords it’s said that exists another dimension named “Abyss”, this same dimension already existed in the previous KI versions where Gargos and Eyedol came form in the original timeline, my idea is Gargos put the enemy in that dimension using painful moves and seal the portal that leads to this place, looks like the Abyss or Void is destined to souls and creatures that done wrong and have tremendous power, to suffer there for eternity, the victim will be automatically destroyed in a place like this.

So, by now is this, what do you think? any suggestion? thanks for the attention :blush: