Suggestions & Speculation: SHARKMAN!

Soz @Fwufikins for jockeying your thread series, and the fact that I’m gonna bungle the formatting. Maybe I’ll go back & affect the formatting later.

In the vein of Fwuf’s threads speculating Eagle and Shorchid, I wanted to sort of encourage and get some ideas as to what the community thinks or would like to see of Sharkman. Personally, I thought the idea was sort of lame at first, but idle pondering about they could make TJ a shark of IG-quality (and the weird issue of “Flipper” in the store, whom I really hope was just Kilgore’s codename) got me to thinking maybe this isn’t a wholly far-out concept. As one who is far more concerned with interesting and compelling gameplay (and who enjoyed Street Sharks in my youth) I think I’ve got some ideas, and I’d love to hear yours. Considering the sort of value the team can get out of “remixing” characters, my ideas center on the idea that Sharkman would be pieces of TJ (cuz survey says), Sabrewulf (cuz past mentions of Sh.Wulf), and Glacius (cuz I seriously doubt Kelvin, also puddles).

b,f.K SWIM (+followups)

As central to Shark as Powerline is to TJ, SWIM would be something of an amalgam of TJ’s Powerline (w/ cancels), Wulf’s Run, and Glacius’ Puddle. Shark would perform a quick dive into the ground, and move quickly with only his fin being visible. All versions of SWIM can be cancelled into various followups by pressing the associated button before SWIM’s auto-attack triggers. SWIM is invincible while underground, and a very brief moment while surfacing. Followups are subject to their own rules and properties.

  • LK.SWIM would swim backward, perhaps to a maximum of 3 character lengths or so, before surfacing. If within proximity of opponent upon surfacing, will perform a bite-animation hit-grab (so blockable) for a soft knockdown, jab-punishable on block. If maximum distance is reached without an opponent in proximity, Shark will swiftly and safely recover to a neutral position facing the opponent.
  • MK.SWIM would swim forward until in front of the opponent (however far that may be), before surfacing with the aforementioned biting hit-grab.
  • HK.SWIM would be as M, but will travel a maximum distance of “behind the opponent” (however far that may be) before surfacing with the aforementioned biting hit-grab.
    +SWIM FOLLOWUPS: unless othewise noted, all SWIM followups are punishable on block.
    LP. Low Scoop, popup for juggle
    MP. Headbutt, even(?) on block, +3/4 on hit,
    HP. OH Chomp, hit-grab, HKD, recap v. air
    LK. Stop, near-instant recovery for runstop shenanigans!
    MK. Upper, leaping hit-grab, upper body invuln, HKD, good damage
    HK. Grab, carry/stagger, splat if prox.

b,f.[2K] EX.SWIM* (hold ok, dir. ok)

*No combo-system classification, just a “Shadow Move”.
Much more like Tusk’s EX.Step, TJ’s EX.Powerline, and Arby’s EX.Grab than it’s meterless version; the purpose of EX.Swim is to evade tricky projectiles while subverting the opponents focus with threat of imminent mixup (either from the underground movement itself, or from the stagger/splat guaranteed by anti-fireball reaction) and as such is fully projectile invuln before and during the freeze. Post-freeze, Shark is submerged and can remain submerged for considerably longer than with meterless SWIM by holding down [2K], and can affect his mobility while submerged by using the directionals. After x-duration or upon releasing [2K] Shark will resurface and quickly perform a hit-grab version of his SWIM>HK.Grab that staggers or splats based on wall proximity. Cashes out ground combos, does not raise KV meter. Punishable on block (unsure how punishable).
[f.] accelerates, can crossup
[b.] moves backwards at normal speed
[d.] delays movement, but remains submerged
[u.] functions identically to LK.Stop from meterless SWIM

b,f.[2P] EX.LUNGE*

*Shadow Opener & Linker
Standard 5-hit forward moving projectile invuln move. Maybe air-swims forward while chomping at the opponent?

b.HK TAIL SLAM (overhead)

Command normal semi-Tremor. Turns around and slams his tail on the ground, hits overhead, groundbounce v. airborne, fullscreen instant low projectile on whiff, projectile hit KD. Whiff projectile should happen quickly enough that there is virtually no disjoint, should be roughly even on block at almost all ranges. Physical hit should be jab-punishable on block (-5/6).


Just a normal button, but worth mentioning it should be roughly comparable to Gargos sweep. Perhaps a tiny bit shorter range, slightly greater recovery (for easier whiff-punishing and jump-overs), and similar block disadvantage - in exchange for being the first button of a target combo.


Cancelling cr.HK into HK will convert Sharks sweep HKD into a juggle, similar to a Fulgore TC. Should be VERY slow to recover, and heavy-punishable on block. Can be cancelled on whiff for tricky AA’s and jump-baits.

And so… that’s mostly what I’ve got for now. I’ll keep the OP updated w/ other stuff I think of, and/or maybe the really juicy stuff y’all come up with (but I don’t wanna seem like I play favorites or make anyone feel like their contribution wasn’t appreciated, so maybe I’ll just keep the updates limited to my own ideas, y’all tell me how to go about it, cuz I dunno)… yeah.

I do still have to write-up his basic EX.Linker, whatever that would be. Maybe a seaworld-esque uppercut of sorts? Good range on tail stuff, like a Gargos-esque cr.HK?

What’cha got?


Probably the best way to get started. Gameplay speculation!
I like the idea of combining elements from certain characters but giving them a unique twist and having them function completely differently.

I’m thinking it may be fun to give Shark man a sort of combination of TJ and Thunder, maybe a bit like (from my limited understanding of SF) Alex. I’m picturing someone with the mobility options of TJ, but on a slower, harder hitting scale. Give him a situational reversal that helps lead to pressure, but leaves him essentially a fish out of water.
It’s odd. I want to find a balance between rushing and being mobile, and being a hulking brute.

I like the idea of a Seaworld style attack as an uppercut. We’ll call it…
Shark man body slams his opponent out of the air, leading to a hard knockdown. Shadow Version is invincible, and also HDKs, but is so unsafe Tusk can land his Forward>MP attack with lazy timing.

He could also have a Bite special/grab that shares the startup of Wulf’s HK. Grabs them, thrashes them about, maybe launch them or Mega Cashout with the Shadow version.

The swimming could make a good combat trait. Temporary invulnerability while submerged, but enough start up that it really can’t be used willy nilly. Maybe low attacks could best it. Could get very annoying very quick, though.

My big question is, what’s his Instinct going to be like? Perhaps true “swimming” could be part of his instinct, and he just burrows a bit outside of it. Or he could get Wulf’s old damage boost.

Lots of possibilities and questions for this character. Thanks for making the thread!

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Oh dear sweet Alex buttons, may they forever rest peacefully in the beloved arms of their maker. That said, a tail (for poking), a reliable AA special (if metered), a command grab and sudden parabolic pressure sound both Alex-y and Shark-y to me - and as much as I dislike the game, I put thought and work into my Alex, cuz I love him and his stupid hair.

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