Suggestions for Practice Mode

Here’s mine:

  1. Setting to make practice model (won’t let me type d.u.m.m.y?!?) wake up with any attack i.e. able to chose specific normal or special.

  2. Be able to set specific strings for combo breaker mode. Along the lines of opener–>specific auto double or manual-> specific linker or shadow linker ->
    specific auto or manual -> ender.

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If you could set the combo string that would defeat the whole purpose of combo breaker training because you wouldn’t be training your reactions, you’d know what was coming and simply break accordingly.

Not really, just set more strings. What you just said could also come from just practice breaking only one character vs practicing breaking against the whole roster. It would fall to the player to have the mind set not fall into that. The more robust he or she makes their training then the less likely the issue you proposed arises. I’m sure it would be possible for the player, using the system I have proposed, to be able to prioritize recognition of autos and manuals instead of getting into one set rhythm for one set string. I mean look, you can already set the system for one or 2 iterations of opener, auto/manual,linker then ender. What you said could happen if they only trained for 1 iteration of KI’s combo system. "I only learned to break short combos not long ones. I could train with set strings and still be able to have good reactions. I’m pretty sure other could to. I think that my idea would also help in learning to break difficult shadow linkers. The process would be sped up instead of wasting time having to rely on the computer to do the shadow linker you wanted at random. I hear what you’re saying but that may not be true for all gamers. People learn differently. I may go your way for some people or I could go mine. I also didn’t say for this to replace the current scheme, just add to it. If both systems are present then I don’t see an issue.

Number 2 exists, set to record -> do the combo you want -> set playback.

I’d love it if there was a way to slow down the speed on the Combo Breaker training. Maybe 1/4 speed, 1/2 speed, and 3/4 speed.

I think I would personally get a lot more out of it if I could use it on the higher difficulty and lower speed, then ramp up the speed of the game as I get better. Perhaps even increase the speed beyond a standard match to really push those skills if and when they’re developed.

Group and online practice would be nice - like a Lobby, with the first two players interacting in Practice, the rest watching, along with the ability to rotate in and out. This would let people practice with others watching to either learn or advise, and would let me practice with friends who aren’t sitting on the couch next to me.

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In my humble opinion, as a relative beginner (picked the game up in January 2015)…

High Priority

  • Wakeup mode; aka the ability to set the d-u-m-m-y to perform specific actions upon wakeup.
  • Online Practice Mode via Invite or any means for that matter
  • Exhibition and/or Ranked match queue while in training
  • The ability to set Player 1 to block while in Recording mode
  • The ability to fight your own shadow, or any shadow for that matter, in Practice Mode. Shadows by name search in Shadow Mode and/or Practice Mode would be incredible.
  • Ability to set the d-u-m-m-y in Combo Breaker Practice to use only kick buttons or punch buttons.
  • Half-Speed Mode in Combo Breaker Practice
  • Event by event frame advantage/disadvantage text, a la combo state text, for Practice Mode and replays

Low Priority

  • Icons a la Combo Break Icons for Manual timing
  • The ability to mark a specific on-screen location for reset (rather than just Left Corner/Right Corner/Center)
  • Grant the CPU action mode he ability to influence the d-u-m-m-y to incorporate more throws.
  • Modern KI soundtrack in music choices. Or Tool, whichever MS/IG would prefer.
  • Online Lag Simulation (but only in very small increments, because this game plays near perfectly online)

@Infilament had some great ideas on the S2 Forums, some of which I believe are already listed.

EDIT: There’s actually some solid gold in this OP - S3 Feedback: Training Mode (and other) improvements