Suggestions for Maya in Season 3

Spit balling ideas for her in the upcoming game in about half a year. Since the game is just about complete (Season 2 anyway) and no more changes are coming with exception of bug fixes, let me throw something out there for the Maya players out there.

Dagger Change

I realize this might be a very touchy subject so hear me out on this.

I get Maya’s usefulness is through her daggers. It’s how she is able to utilize pressure and gives her an opening when you block. But while it is a staple of her game, it seems very weird because she’s rewarded for the opponent blocking her daggers. Yes, there are numerous ways to combat this outside of just blocking but not all characters are able to get a convenient low profile on it. No other character in the game has this feature and to my knowledge has this in any fighting game.

Personally, I feel this would be better utilized if she gains a pip on hit or trade with another projectile. Or just hit, because she’s being rewarded in a fashion that makes sense. In addition, this would give more usefulness for her linker dagger trait because she’s allowed to throw her daggers and continue a combo. Not to mention would be useful for her wakeup since she can throw her daggers from a wakeup dk.

If Spinal uses his power devour, it grants a pip. If the dagger hits a character with armor, it would also grant a pip (i.e. Glacius, Aganos, Thunder, TJ, Riptor) However, it wouldn’t grant a pip if Aganos were to flick it away.

Other things…

  • Improve her shadow counter to be able to punish strong related normal attacks.
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So you want Maya to get dagger pips on block and on hit? So she has an unblockable every 2 hits, or tracking unblockable every 4 hits? You know how broken that would be? She already gets pips like crazy unless someone just refuses to block… Also you want her to have an unblockable opener that leads to a 4 pip cash out with instinct? I’m sorry but I cannot agree with this. She already is guaranteed 2 pips on wakeup of anyone and within a range where she can catch them easily unless they spend meter to avoid it.

Not to mention the reset potential of the unblockable attack… Drop a combo and just force them open again with no chance to defend, go into instinct and cash out level 8 for their whole life bar. It would be mandatory to not fail your break or you just die.

No I mean, reward her for the pips on hit/hit and trade. I should have probably described it better. Here’s what I said:

“Personally, I feel this would be better utilized if she gains a pip on hit or trade with another projectile. Or just hit, because she’s being rewarded in a fashion that makes sense.”

My whole thing is why should I be punished to blocking when I potentially don’t have an option in neutral. It’s extremely difficult to avoid blocking the dagger at close rages and jump ins can be punished if you attempt to anticipate a thrown dagger. That’s a huge gamble

But with what your suggesting there is literally no way to stop her from gaining pips outside of winning with a perfect. At least with current system there are plenty of ways to get her to waste her daggers and gain no pips.

If you give her pips from hitting other projectiles, all that means is she will be the best Anti zoner in the game. She will block a few projectiles close to her, pick up her dagger while throwing another and then just go into the unblockable opener from range and you can’t do squat about it but try to break the incoming combo.

Bad idea is a broken idea.

Er, you know how much meter Jago gets from a blocked fireball, don’t you?

Hell, frame-trapping is all about getting rewarded for your opponent blocking your stuff. Opponent blocks my double roundhouse, I get rewarded with +3.

Right, and I get that. But Maya getting an unblockable attack, that tracks because you are blocking her daggers. Of course you get meter from blocking moves but a free opening because you choose to not allow her to hit you so she can get a free opening is wonky logic imo.

I’m more than fine with dealing with whatever changes occur with her. I’m willing to adapt, just spit balling an idea.

It was a spitball idea, maybe not my best attempt at “balance” but I’m only human. So allow the reward to be off of hit then. If you block a dagger, then she doesn’t gets a pip.

Is that worse?

Okay, then just make it only on hit.

Her pip system is balanced the way it is. If she got pips in combo, she could just do the purple linker twice on a lockout and just reset with the unblockable. Yeah her damage is a little lower but, if she didn’t get pips on block, she could just sit there and toss them at you for an endless block string until you got enough meter to shadow counter unless you’re Fulgore then you’re just stuck there forever. I would understand your want for a change if she had a hard time getting pips, but she doesn’t. She gets pips by playing like Spinal gets skulls. If you’re struggling to get pips, enjoy the fact that your opponent isn’t blocking and combo them.

A possible scenario, yes. However, most characters could have an answer. Since they’re that close. Glacius with liquidize, Spinal with a teleport, you most likely know the list. But at the same time, she earned that because you didn’t break correctly.

Because you can already tell what dagger to break when used as a linker, that’s already a huge gamble for Maya as well since those are already set to lights (Temperance) and mediums (Vengeance).

Not exactly. Some characters have an answer to this whether it would be a Skeleport (Spinal), Flick (Aganos), Sammamish (Thunder), the list goes on. Some characters would have to play this more honestly than others, like Hisako for instance because she can’t answer without meter to avoid getting hit.

She gets pips by playing like Spinal gets skulls.

This doesn’t make any sense, at least for me. Maya gets pips because her opponent chooses to block an attack which can give her an unblockable attack that can hit you even if you punish on reaction because it has the ability to track, but Spinal gains skulls because he attacks or pops instinct. I don’t get your reasoning behind that so please go into more detail.

I hope I’m making sense here, I’m just trying to discuss this in a good manner.

I meant that as, you earn pips with her just by “playing”. As Spinal earns his Skulls just by “playing”.