Suggestions for KI Season 3 and PC Port

So I had a few suggestions, I’ll put them in some kind of order but here goes:

The lobby system isn’t very good. You should be able to search for lobbies by host name, and preferably see a list of all active lobbies which you can arrange by your region/settings rather than you picking settings and then it finding a random one for you.

Why doesn’t training mode save my settings? It should save my previous settings so I don’t have to set shadow meter infinite, instinct refill for example every time.

A training mode option that makes your opponent lock out on your lights/mediums/heavy auto doubles/linkers including a random option so you can practice doing combos and then reacting to lockouts to maximise damage etc. (this I feel would be very useful)

An option to mute your mic IN game on the PC port.

The game doesn’t show up in windows volume control. Why is this? I had to download another software just to turn the game down. I could turn it down in game but even after I did that everytime I open it, it’s super loud and I would like to not go deaf.