Suggestions (as of RAAM update)

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cool i’ll pass the message along to keits next time i talk to him


I don’t even know where to begin responding to this…


Gonna try and reply as quickly as possible why most of this list is unreasonable. First and foremost though, you ought to remember, not all fighting games should be just like MK, SF, Guilty Gear, etc. A lot of migrating players want this to be just like their game of choice, but then KI would hardly stand out at all if all it did was borrow from other games for every little thing.

  1. Combo Breaker is a maneuver that exists as a core mechanic to KI. It’s an option to change the game flow slightly and put the game back to neutral for a good read and punishing your opponents predictability. It however costs no resources to use, so why should it reward with damage as well as a change of momentum? There’s little sense to it, as your reward for success is obviously breaking your opponents big damage opportunity, and the failure of it gives your opponent free reign to use his heaviest stuff to guarantee maximum damage output. If a free to use option like the combo breaker did damage, it would be overstepping it’s reward-risk factor, offering TOO MUCH reward for what could easily be a lucky guess, not always a good read or educated guess.

  2. Everything should be breakable in KI, and in season 1, juggles were the exception, and I don’t think many people liked it, which is basically why air combos became breakable in season 2 and beyond. I personally like the new combo options and some characters are just built around the air combo system. Without a chance to break juggles, you basically place the opponent into a helpless state where maximum damage is possible without a chance to change their fate. Free, unbreakable damage is something that should be minimally accessible without some sort of counterbalance. So while the zipping and blinking of mid air combo and counter breakers seems like an eye sore to you, free damage just for keeping an opponent airborne violates the risk reward game, as well as the all things should be breakable stance.

  3. I’m not really sure what your deal is on this one, but it sounds like you are either trying to turn a six button fighter into something like MvC3, or just plain make it easier on yourself. Really, I can’t even make sense of this one, why should a sweep move be chainable? And no character’s light punch or light kick do the exact same thing, so this point seems not very thought out.

  4. Don’t see why this is necessary. Unless it benefits a character to have a unique back throw, like for Thunder, for example, in their gameplan, why should there be any real variance in this? There’s no real practicality behind a unique back throw animation for everyone unless it serves a purpose to their gameplay, so this one seems a little unreasonable.

  5. Uh, they do have this…Turn up your sound? I’ve played RAAM a lot lately, his knife does have a slashing sound effect, and Kim Wu’s nunchaku do have a distinct wooden sound. Now if you mean between different strengths they should sound more different and distinct, that would make breaking by sound WAY too easy, so amongst the cast the sound effects are a varied somewhat depending on who they are, like beating on Fulgore has a metallic clang to every hit on him, but matching it to strength and making it super distinct would make it too easily broken.

  6. They did add cinematic level 4 enders.

  7. Most people do that not because they are bored by them, they just don’t want to sit around and wait for it to finish to get into the next match. People still use them all the time online, and the game isn’t just built for tourney players either. I’ve seen people request this feature though, so it’s not a wild shot from what you’re saying, but it’s not for the reasons of tourney players are bored with the Ultras. Tourney players aren’t the only ones the game is made for, as casuals drive game sales.

  8. Ultimates have been a highly requested feature. Fatalities in the sense of being compared to Mortal Kombat have been met with a lot of negativity in past discussions as the game for some fatalities would require a new rating, and there are many who think the game should remain T versus and giving it an M. It’s been through heated discussion MANY times, and never ends with anything other than trolling and mockery. Humiliations to me just seem…unnecessary isn’t the exact word I would chose, but still one on the list.

  9. So you want a 50/50 breaker system instead of a 33% chance. Making it easier on you? If you like old KI then enjoy old KI, but KI needed to evolve, this isn’t 1995 anymore. Or do you want a one button breaker so you can try and fool the system with multiple inputs to get easy breaks all the time?

  10. That sounds like a REALLY bad idea. Not to mention, this again isn’t 1995. No fighting game has done that since the 2000’s, to my best knowledge anyway. A game speed toggle doesn’t really add anything to the game either theoretically thinking about it. (Correction: MK uses it as a fight modifier, but not as an across the board game adjustment like Street Fighter did.)

  11. The characters you just mentioned have a lot of variety to their attack list and methods. They just aren’t as easily button mashed with mindless win button attacks to repeat like other members of the cast, or their moves aren’t easily recognized at face value for the usefulness they possess. These characters aren’t incomplete, they just come off as hard to use because some people don’t want to think about how to use them correctly or efficiently without the obvious results and payoff.

  12. Not all taunts are bad. I don’t really like them myself, but Spinal’s is fairly amusing to hear his cackle and Rash is just silly. Besides, if you take away taunts being cancellable, they will just resort to teabagging, which they can play out as much as they want when they have the chance, so they can still be jerks. You can’t help this one, so why force an unnecessary change like this on something that is fairly harmless in it’s own way? May not be popular to some people, but it’s not such a hugely toxic issue to fix.

  13. Every character does have a combo trait. They just don’t come into play the same way Jago’s does. Spinal has spectral manuals, Fulgore has auto triples, Thunder has back throw linkers, TJ has auto barrage, Maya has dagger toss linkers, Riptor has mashable HP linkers, Sabrewulf has his feral trait. Everyone has something unique for a combo trait, just not the same way as Jago with his around the world trait.

  14. Not every update fully re-updates the game. Usually, updates are around the size of 2-4 Gbs. Rarely do updates this huge happen. It’s unavoidable though that it has to happen, and declining would only limit your online privileges and hinder your character selections. So while it’s an inconvenience this happens, usually there are good reasons for it. I know as a result of the most recent update, they’ve managed to reduce the dlc check times from over a minute to almost 20 seconds, which I’m very happy with. There are also a lot of stability issues with the game that have now been fixed.


Look out guys, we have a badass in here.


1.It is a risk reward system. You either take more damage,or you prevent damage and regain your potential damage.
2.So you want to make juggles overpowered?
3.Different buttons have different frame data. They also have different uses. #hashtagssuck
4.Umm why should it be different? Shago for example,how can it be different. Function is also important.
5.I agree. Good point here actually. Keep in mind the KI time is a budget team and not a triple a team though.
6.You mean like the level 4 enders?
7.They cancel it not because of the fact it is boring but because they want to get to the next match faster.
8.Budget and Shago.
9.Well if you want to handicap yourself,you can do it without the option.
10.Online won’t be possible then and AI fightin sucks.
10.5.Umm why should they have more moves which will unbalance them?
11.Just let them taunt. You should have no problem winning. If you lose,they deserve the right to taunt.
12.It is because they don’t want you to do the same combos over and over again.
13.So since you don’t want to wait as long and play before the update finishes,you want to make a copy of the game that takes up more space?

One point I will comment on is the size of this update. As far as it seems, this update carried some, or possibly all, of Shadow Lords in it based upon the accidental availability and leak after the update dropped. I think that’s why it is so large. It didn’t reinstall the game. It did the normal patching but also installed some of the SL content. I think it gained about 10-15 Gs on game size after patch.

It did include the Astro field as part of the update. The file is there.

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See. Point is to the OP, IG doesn’t release patches that “reinstall” the game. The RAAM update added in RAAM and did patching, but it also added in additional content. Hence the unwieldy size.

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Taunts are the realm of the scrub in KI

git gud


@Sablicious you have come up with good points.

I think the devs have already decided what they want to include in Ki. We will never see ultimate combos etc…

I’ve stopped asking for stuff.

Raam needs some kind of spd and more and different command thows. he does not look like a grappler , his combos looks weaks and very repetitive , too many light punches, is really boring to watch, you don have the satisfation of make a spd like move, which all every grappler has with Raam.

Ok I am confused. You say he does not seem like a grappler. He has 2 command throws. Not different enough is it? Of course his combos aren’t the best. He is a grappler. Too many light punches? Raam with a Wrestling move won’t seem right.


When I was reading the top post I became more and more excited to read the responses below. Oh my gosh.

1. CB’s should still require skill to execute and no be purely a ‘gamble’ with little reward for a lot of risk.
2. Even if we assume your word as gospel and everything should be breakable, characters just ‘appearing’ in the last frame of the break animation, looks dumb and MK-esque (not a good thing).
3. Same moves for different buttons = don’t-give-a-whit gaming development indicative of devs looking towards SE3 / their next project, not as getting the best out of what they’re working on now.
4. Gaming itself is not “necessary”… nor is existence.
5. Not enough. All combos sound too similar relative to their respective diversity.
6. Yeah… and they’re too fast to appreciate and hardly ‘cinematic’ enough.
7. If people are already bored with limited finishers the game offers, that itself speaks volumes for how lacking the game is in this department.
8. Trending: #muhnecessaries
9. I want the old system – the one that took some skill, entailed some reward and wasn’t all luck or anticipation.
10. O-P-T-I-O-N-S do not hold guns to peoples’ heads like extremist fanboys of games they obsequiously worship.
11. Nah… they look boring, m8. **>**not an argument
12. “NOT ALL TAUNTS!!” …insha’allah.
13. TRIALS, not “traits”.
14. “NOT EVERY UPDATE!!” …(pbuu)

Do you know what the odds are of a given poll receiving 100% agreement / disagreement is? …Some astronomical number : 1. Consider this when weighed against your wholesale rejection of every suggestion I made, relating to the overwhelming probability of you being a blinkered fanboy (or paid shill) who’d refuse a even free ounce of pure cocaine with each copy of KI, if it were proffered.

What? Okay, let me get this straight. I start a combo, and he breaks and he gets damage. Basically, I punish a mistake in his offense with an opener, and he breaks, does damage. Now I’m being punished for being a good player and using a read off his mistake to start an offense. Basically, you want people to second guess the combo system? Force them not to combo in a game that’s all about combos? I’m sorry, but this is probably one of the worst reasons why to give combo breakers damage. If he screwed up and I put him in a combo, it shouldn’t be to his advantage to reap a damage reward off a mistake he made, this NEGATES the whole point of the risk reward system and invalids the combo system altogether. I’m sorry but combo breakers should only return to neutral, never damage. Avoiding getting hit for massive damage should be reward enough for a low cost tool like combo breakers, getting damage as a reward for a no meter option every player has access to overreaches on the reward factor of it.

Visual point of view isn’t the only perspective to consider, and since many characters are now predicated on the juggle system as well as the natural combo system, removing air breakers and making juggles unbreakable will mostly likely destroy pacing and having unbreakable damage in the game is something the developers have been trying to avoid, for good reason. There’s a lot of season 1 stuff that shows why juggles need to be breakable.

Two command throws… not enough?

Not even close… and more to the point: RAAM simply looks boring to play as. He should have at least two legitimate, ground level command throws (with good range), an anti-air grab (I mean, look at the size of the guy!) and super command grabs that do genuine damage. As the devs themselves said, RAAM is all about being patient, getting close and then doing a lot of damage in a hurry. His throws play little part in this “lot of damage”, with most of his potential being in confusing players with his Instinct and combo-ing like any other character from thereon.

As it stands, if the character in question did not have the “RAAM” moniker, it would literally be laughed off the character selection screen. Tall character (alone) =/= grappler. Sorry.

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I really don’t know how to really respond to this, considering you are pretty much passive aggressively trying to put me down and troll me, I honestly am no longer considering anything you say very seriously. The fact you are using one sentence retorts and basically saying “if you don’t agree with me you’re a KI fanboy incapable of actually thinking about what the game really needs” pretty means you’re fishing for yes men to answer you in the positive, and you aren’t out for meaningful discussion.

I disagreed with all your ideas, and gave LOGIC by the way as a counter argument, as to why EACH and EVERY one of these is a bad idea. I didn’t go out of my way to insult you or anything, and I have the right to disagree with you, like it or not.


Why does he need an anti air grab? He already has 2 amazing anti airs. Anymore would be overkill. Light punch command grab is amazing. His command grab vortex does loads of damage. I got whole lifebars down in a few seconds with it.