Suggestion for Rash's Ultra melody

Please for the love of all that is green and slimy, make Rash’s ultra flow to this beat.

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Personally, if they don’t do this, I would like it 10x more if they either:

  1. Make this the idle theme of Rash’s stage (I’m assuming he has one)
  2. Make this play if you pause while playing Rash

As another request for Rash that’s kind of minor, I think it’d be really cool if, depending on how you KO someone as Rash, if he got a point value that appeared after the attack.

Ex: Doing his Ultra gets you “5000”, finishing someone off with a Ram Headbutt or the Big Bad Boot gets you “1000”

Just minor things that would make Rash an even better homage, y’know?


Yeah, it should at least be in there somewhere. Its just to iconic not to be included.

The idea of getting “points” depending on how you win the match would be cool. I don’t think this should be his Ultra beat, but it should be his idle theme. That would be awesome.

Agreed, it would be great as the idle theme.

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I can actually imagine Rash punching and kicking to the beat of this. It’s God-like!

I agree, you gotta work the Battletoads pause theme in somewhere. It’s a classic beat.

I think the pause music should be somewhere, it is pretty memorable, they should try to squeeze as many song references they can, his idle his ultra anywhere.

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I need that pause track in my veins!

Yeah thought this straight away. Makes the most sense.

Well happy because it is:)

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Havent we already discovered this with the videos of Rash’s Ultra we posted the other day?
It is this Pause rhythm… is it not?

EDIT: And now I realize this thread is months old and just came back up today…LOL

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