Suggestion for PC users

I’ve been playing KI primarily on PC as of late, and running it off of a SSD, which is awesome because load times are pretty much non-existant. But playing online does cause one minor annoyance, for me anyway. Right as the match is loading, immediately after the Versus screen the game usually goes to black before the match starts…which is normal…it does it on any version. But what is a unique issue to those of us running on a SSD is that it gets through the loading process so much faster than an opponent that it just sits on that mostly blank screen.
Anyway, I know it’s nothing major, and it’s a problem most people wouldn’t have, but it would be nice if something could be adjusted on this so that maybe the game would sit on the VS screen instead of the blank void that occurrs afterwards while the opponent’s game is loading.

It’s not just a SSD thing, the pc version loads almost instantly off a regular hard drive as well leaving you staring at a blank screen while you wait for the xbone players to load. Kind of defeats the purpose of having faster load times.

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Well I guess that means it would apply to even more people then…

Yeah, I hate this… It feels pretty dumb just staring at a black screen. It would be nice if @developers could solve this issue. I know it’s of minor importance but I think as well it could be fixed in short time.

I mentioned this in another email. Why does the Xbox version takes so much longer to load? A similar equipped PC, even with just a 5900 RPM hard drive and matching minimum specs, can load matches faster than the Xbox One.

And from what I’ve read, installing the game on a SSD on Xbox One also doesn’t help (much, it does help a little), so something else is going on here.

I’d be curious to know the answer to this myself, as I’ve played the PC version (though not much as of yet because of graphics card requirements) and it loads so fast it’s pretty much just sitting their waiting for the Xbox One to catch up

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It may have something to do with the fact the game was/is undoubtedly developed on PC, so it’s running on its native platform. So perhaps in the compiling/translating to xbox there’s some lag in the way the xbox version figures everything out.

Possibly, though it’s a mystery why this optimisation can’t be performed on the one as well as an extra adjustment.