Suggestion for in-game character stat checker

I think there should be an option to view your stats in detail for each character you have played as

Here’s an example of the detailed stats

Character Name: Orchid
Total matches completed: 170
Total wins: 120
Total losses: 50
Ranked matches: 70
Ranked wins: 40
Ranked losses: 30
Online exhibition matches: 50
Online exhibition wins: 40
Online exhibition losses: 10
Offline matches: 50
Offline wins: 40
Offline losses: 10

of Ultra combos: 120

Biggest combo: 45 hits

of fight challenges completed: 150

This is what I can think of for now feel free to add more


That would be cool. Similar to Injustice 2 where it shows total wins/loss and playtime. It would be pretty cool if they also showed the number ultras/ultimates and so on. I mean, its quite trivial but something about numbers and statistics is so satisfying.

I agree it also allows you to check to see how close you are to completing the 200 matches for the achievement for each character

I would put one more stat for ranked and that would be Ranked longest winning streak which may be different on each character. I would only add ultimates if all characters had one otherwise it is counted as an ultra in the stats

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You can actually expand your stats to see more specific info, but it isn’t THIS in depth. You can check to see how many combos you’ve broken, how many matches you’ve won online/offline and such.

I’ll have to check to see what all it covers, but it is pretty crazy and well worth a look as it shows you where you’re struggling with.

This would show all online and offline stats in detail in one place you can only view your stats on Ranked currently which does not include offline and online exhibition stats

It’s pretty broad though as it doesn’t mention character specifics outside of who your favorite character is along with some win percentages. The only real thing that is character specific is the trials, which are just a slider with a goal to reach to instead of numbers.

Cnat you see all this stuff in the online ranked stats? It breaks down breakers, bluffs, CBs, light, med Hvy, opener linker ender. Manuals, ect…

Yes but however that only applies to ranked gameplay my suggestion applies to all game modes accept Shadow Lords and can be accessed via the games main menu with or without an active internet connection although it would only show offline stats in detail if you are not online

From my understanding, it isn’t character specific aside from giving you some values on win/loss. Essentially, there is nothing that applies to not only each character but also to each mode.

I guess what Im saying is its possible to be more than what it is now. We have it now… just not the stats you prefer…so it is possible. Will they extend the stats…i doubt it. But its not like its adding something totally new to the game.

Right now it is only for ranked gameplay what I am suggesting is a detailed stats checker that you can access from the main menu that shows all online and offline stats for each character.


  1. On the main menu you select character stat checker
    2a. Select overall stats to see the combined stats for all the characters in one place (online and offline)
    2b. Select individual character stats and it takes you to the character select screen
  2. Select the character you want to view the stats for
  3. Go to the detailed stats screen to view all your online and offline stats for the selected character