Suggestion: a Shadow Lords app

This is something that just occurred to me…i might have been inspired by a comment on here similar, but I was just thinking it would be awesome to have a phone game version of SL you can take with you anywhere, with a few minor differences obviously. Probably the biggest would be all fights would be handled via deployment. But aside from that just keep everything else the same, and even have the app pull from our cloud save so that any item or astral gems or whatever we earn we can use them when we play on XB1 or PC.


It could be a Tap fighter like MKX mobile! I love that game! Atleast for a phone version of a game its pretty Fn cool!

Yeah, it could. I was mostly just thinking it might be faster & easier to just port over what we already have with a few slight tweaks.
I played a lot of the Injustice tap fighter, and honestly I didn’t care too much for it simply because your progression was constantly stifled by the F2P pay wall. I played a little of the MKX one and things didn’t really seem to improve, what with most characters simply being bland faction-oriented generic characters and none of the MK characters being available until you’ve dropped some serious cash onto the game. If they avoided that…maybe. I mean, they’ll still have Kan-ra’s packs you could purchase, so they could still make money on the phone game alone.

I guess the biggest difference there would be the SL app would actually be Shadow Lords, meaning it would be completely compatible with KI, and not just a side game that unlocks a couple of in-game goodies.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything there that necessitates the need for a companion app, and it would be at the very bottom of the list of stuff they should use their limited resources on if it comes down to that choice.

If there was ever a KI app, I’d prefer it to be a separate project, and not eat up any KI console version resources/funding. Admittedly, I don’t know exactly how all that works. For example who knows if any of the development spent on the canceled TJ Combo boxing app came out of what would have otherwise been directed toward the actual console game, and cost it content.

If a companion app of some kind wouldn’t come at the expense of getting the rest of the characters a dedicated home stage of some kind, ultimates, or more costumes, then that’s cool. I just don’t think it should cannibalize any of the things we’ve been requesting for some time now.

Doesn’t that pretty much go without saying? Of course it wouldn’t be necessary. However it would be nice to be able to take some part of KI on the go so you could be stocking up on SL supplies while you’re sitting at work, stuck in transit, at a restaurant, etc.

Also, with the packs part involved, it would also generate another revenue stream that would help give them the funds to help get us those other features we’ve been asking for. So there is that to consider.

I’m not going to pretend to act like I know anything about how devs balance workload, money, content, or whatever. But I would say I would think it likely if they really wanted to pursue a SL app if nothing else they could contract the work to port it over out to some other dev team so the main KI guys could keep on keeping on.

I’m assuming it would be compatible for windows phones. I swear there is nothing on the windows app store.

I’m hoping it would at least be compatible with Android phones as well…since that’s what I have. :wink:

I’d assume it would work with windows phone for those who play on windows 10

I didnt pay a penny and I got all the characters I wanted in MKX mobile just by playing and saving souls. The daily rewards is where I made the most of my collecting but just logging in 2x a day and accepting friends rewards. Just had to have patience to wait until you have enough souls in order to get the character you want.

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Seriously if a company making a Microsoft property on Xbox One makes a mobile app and it doesn’t come to Microsoft’s phone platform, I swear I’m quitting.

I seriously doubt it wouldn’t come out on windows phones. I would hope though that they do like they have with most other MS apps and also put it on every phone OS… Android & IOS as well.