Suggesting an "ism" like system

Would anybody be interested in a control option that gives QC characters back forward motions, and back forward motion characters a QC scheme? It would open up a lot more characters to me and many others.

While I’m all for customisabilty, I’m not sure It would work for every character.

I would however like to see the few characters who have a dp motion to have it changed, mostly due to thumbstick issues.

I feel like the upward move from Maya was nicely simplified from what would normally probably be a dp to a qcb move.

Too bad Shago’s dp was kept the same as Jago’s. But continuity I quess, especially since its a classic dp move.

Giving characters different motion schemes runs the risk of changing move properties, especially wrt crossups. (e.g. allowing a player to replace Jago’s DP input with a down-up motion would be a buff.)

You mean you use the left analog stick on a controller to control motion in KI?

Yup, d-pad doesnt feel like a natural position and I miss the diagonal input on it…besides that it feels too smooth.

I know its not perfect though, haven been able to do a solid dp since the time of the snes controller

I’m a bit surprised that you can’t get diagonal inputs. Just moving your thumb from down to forward or back should nudge the diagonal input, it’s actually kinda hard not to.

wrt the position, I kinda relate: It feels fine to me, but I almost never have my fingers on the LB/LT shoulder buttons because of it. But I also hate using the hand that I input motions with to also press buttons in a fighting game, so it makes little difference.

EDIT: my issue with the analog stick is that it is extremely difficult to know where you are on the stick during a tense match. I often would end up jumping when trying to input a quarter-circle or something, it’s hard to tell what’s downback and what’s just down, etc. It’s really bad and I can’t understand how anyone does it.

@Fnrslvr My thumb feels like it gets slightly stuck/delayed in the gap + the down/forward part of a dp feels like its not there…weird I know, personal thing.

Mostly though, I just think the d-pad feels too smooth, almost slippery…

As for accidentally jumping with the thumb stick, had it, not anymore though, I do feel evading/dashing with -> -> for example works better on d-pad.

Dont have a really satisfactory way to control either way…but it is what it is…

What you want is to generally keep your thumb in place during a motion (oxymoron, I know) and change where you’re applying pressure on the D-pad in a rolling manner; or you want to guide the D-pad with your thumb.

I know this could be problematic for some characters(as @Fnrslvr stated, changing a dp into a down up can be a buff).

But this is my point of view: I have been playing fighting games since forever. I’m in my 30’s, and used shoryuken motion without problem.

Recently I suffered an accident and broke my arm. As far as it goes, there are high possibilities of losing some mobility on it. Since then, sometimes, doing a DP motion hurts me in my elbow. I’m favoring characters without DP since then. My favorite characters are Aganos, Glacius, Omen, Riptor, Fulgore and Thunder. Given that scenario, it’s a bit hard for me to anti air properly with Thunder and Fulgore, and literally impossible use the “wave shammanism”. I know it’s going to be nerfed, but the issue is not being able to chain dps

I really hope IG doesn’t use DP motions in favor of charge or quarter circle motions. Since this was common in S2, maybe S3 doesn’t have many DP chars

Does anyone in Season 2 except Aria’s uppercut have a DP motion?

Nobody. That’s the only exception.

Cinder does this already I don’t think he was made too do it though…

That’s a rough go. I think I told you I broke my arm up at the shoulder a year ago. It was amazingly hard to use a fight stick because I couldn’t move my arm above the elbow at all - it was essentially paralyzed for about three months. The Drs couldn’t figure it out and then it just started working again. Anyway, I had to learn to basically use the fightstick just with my fingertips. It was tough and odd, but I got almost as good as I had been.

I tend to agree with you. A DP motion doesn’t really make any sense. It’s basically “insider jargon” within the fighting game community. Yes, it’s directional, but that’s not much of a thing. It could be replaced by a down up or even a back-forward or QC motion without seriously affecting the games balance. Back when a SF 2 DP did an inordinate amount of damage and it was expected you would miss it 3/4 of the time the “difficulty” of the input was part of the game balance. But these days everyone pretty much accepts that everyone is landing DPs whenever they want. I don’t see any real reason for these motions.

Based on how they have been moving the game - toward more complex fighting strategies but simpler physical mechanics - I wouldn’t be surprised to see no DPs in S3. We will see.

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I dont really see a problem with it…with cam, what does it even matter now…

Cam doesnt allow you to do a dp out of a combo

Also, when S3 hits, CAM won’t allow you to do DP inside a combo either (with the exception of ultras, I suppose), since they are making all the enders equal to their linker versions. This means no more “free” DP enders, you’ll always have to input the motion to get it.

Down-up for anti-air is considerably easier than DP for anti-air, so I would definitely challenge the notion that motions are largely cosmetic and can be interchanged. Also, DP for anti-air lets you do things like cross-cut the motion to beat crossups, which is hard for, say, QCF anti-airs.

IDK this conversation is borring and i don’t even really get what the guy is talking about.

I just know you can do

B,D,F + P

or B,F + P for cinders sticky bombs

seen some other stuff for other characters too…