Suggesting A Few Changes (no biggies)

I’m having fun with Arbiter, he’s a fun character. There are a couple things that I would like to see changed to make him more viable.

  1. HP should drag the enemy closer. I’ve had times when I hit an opponent at maximum range with Arbiter’s heavy punch, but then the followup back-swing misses entirely. If Arbiter’s HP acted like Hisako’s HP, then it would be a lot more usable.

  2. Switch his HK anti-airs. Arbiter has two HK anti-airs, :arrow_lower_left:HK and :arrow_lower_right:HK. His :arrow_lower_left:HK is a far-ranged anti-air where he snipes the enemy with his Carbine. His :arrow_lower_right:HK is a close-ranged melee that covers his head. But if an enemy is close, then I want to be blocking. I don’t wanna be holding :arrow_lower_right:. By switching the direction of Arby’s HK anti-airs, it makes it a lot easier to cover the space above his head.

  3. Add some hitstop to Arbiter’s parry. Arbiter’s parry is cool, but it is a little hard to use because I can hardly register that my parry was successful before my enemy is hitting me again. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike’s parry had a hitstop. It would make parrying multi-hitting attacks a whole lot easier.

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Doesn’t the parry knock back though and can’t you hit them with the chained MP and then cancel into one of the specials

I thought Arby’s carbine anti-air was :arrow_down:HK

The parry only makes the first hit pass through Arby harmlessly. If it’s a multi-hitting attack, like a shadow attack, you have to successfully parry every subsequent hit. You’re thinking of Kim Wu’s parry, which staggers the enemy.

Does HP>MP connect at maximum range? I’m talking at the very edge of HP’s slash.

I believe this is the intenion. You still have cr.HP too.

It only staggers the enemy if they are within the hitbox of the parry. Which you can bypass.