Suggested changes to encourage body switching

I have a few suggestions on some aria changes that take into IG’s vison of encouraging body switching.

1.Allow her bodies when switched out to ignore the penalty of the PD recovery reset when aria takes damage.

To me this just make sense if you switch out a body to recover potential damage the recovery timer resets if aria is chipped or damaged even though she is no longer in the switched body. The fact that they made the only way to recover PD is to switch bodies is acceptable but you are almost not rewarded to do so except in some cases of large PD buildup. I feel that they are separate bodies so unless the drones are damaged in some way they should recover freely without reset of the PD timer when Aria is chipped in her main body. This would encourage more switching knowing you would get meaningful recovery upon doing so.

2.Give Aria a option to body switch off of her grab.

This is something I have given a long bit of thought to. I am not asking for a command grab. Just an option like cinder has. Cinder can choose burnout arms or legs or pyro bomb detonation. Allow Aria to select a body to switch to while in grab animation. you can reduce damage from the grab IMO most Aria would take this easily knowing her grabs do abysmal damage anyway you could even remove the hard knockdown so long as the grab still give her space. This may be an issue when it comes to grabs in the corner but as long as it is safe and allows a switch I think this will be a great tool to promote body switches. To make this seem less likely to be op you could put a delay on the ability to call an assist from drone you switched from similar to as if the drone was just struck

Overall this would make Aria IMO how IG envisioned ever evolving in battle changing to opponents habits and to adjust her own accordingly. At the same time I don’t feel any of these changes could be considered a substantial buff to the point of becoming broken but merely allowing Aria to do what she was meant to do. EVOLVE OR DIE. MAKE YOUR CHOICE

I would appreciate any input from developers, Aria players and just players in general. Lets keep it a constructive conversation thank you.

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I think these both make sense logically. The first change may be a little too much in Arias favor but I like the second one a lot. While you do technically have the time for a body switch during a throw, you currently have to give up a lot of momentum in order to do it.

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They can simply make it so the recovery of pd does not speed up over time as it does with other characters in reference to the first change I suggest. You must also remember when she is on her last body she has no way to recover PD. I appreciate your input on the matter it means a lot . I play aria a lot but I see no use in changing bodies for the most part I would like to see that change

I’d personally like ARIA’s last body to regain PD then lose that ability when she pops Instinct.
But that’s just me…


Pretty cool. The input for change throw can be a PPP or KKK cancel off the throw.

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Doesn’t Aria have unescapable throw set ups? I don’t think they’d be willing to buff her throws while those are around.

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All her throws can be teched and her throws do very low damage and her grabs can be dp’d out of so not really @SithLordEDP