Street Fighter X Tekken Stage Order

Much like my previous post, this page is to try and sum up what stages the characters share, since no official confirmation was ever said. Again, probably inaccurate, but here’s my best take on trying to link who has what stage, in the infamous game that is, Cross Tekken.

SFxT (All Versions)

Ryu+Ken/Kazuya+Nina - Mishima Estate
ChunLi+Cammy/Asuka+Lilli - Half Pipe
Guile+Abel/Heihachi+Kuma - Urban Warzone
Zangief+Rufus/Bob+Julia - Blast Furnace
Dhalsim+Sagat/Paul+Law - Pitstop 109
Balrog+Vega/Raven+Yoshimitsu - Jurassic Reaserch Facility
M.Bison+Juri/Jin+Xaioyu - Antarctica
Rolento+Ibuki/King+Marduk - Cosmic Elevator
Poison+Hugo/Steve+Hwoarang - Mad Gear Hideout
Akuma/Ogre - Pandora’s Box
-Training Stage

DLC Characters

Cody+Guy/Bryan+Jack X - Urban Warzone
Sakura+Blanka/Lars+Alisa - Pitstop 109
Dudley+Elena/Lei+Christie - Half Pipe
Megaman/Pacman - Cosmic Elevator

Sony Characters

Kuro+Toro - Mishima Estate
Cole+RandomSelect - Urban Warzone

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