Street Fighter V

As Some Of You May Know, Capcom Has Confirmed A Second Wave Of DLC Characters. Who Would You Guys Think Should Make The Cut?

My Pick:
Sagat :: Sakura :: Sean :: Akuma :: Q :: Anybody Else

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Here you go friend

Street Fighter 5


sounds like a great list to me…I can’t think of anyone else off hand to add. Maybe a new character with

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So I’m entering an office single elim tournament for SFV, first match is on Monday and I haven’t played a minute of the game. I do plan on rocking Rashid (or Ken if it goes terribly), if anyone’s got any basic tips to help me out, I would appreciate it a lot.
BTW, there’s only 2 really good players in the tournament, I’ll just be happy taking 3rd :slight_smile:

Why is there a new thread about this?

because it’s in the off-topic thread and it’s perfectly allowed

Wait your tun when it comes to offense and Defense. This game is a lot about fundamentals it feels. Projectiles are not very good in this game. Most characters have ways around them. The combos are very basic, so if you go to the challenges, then you should be able to figure out pretty much all the combos you can really get out of them. If you are going to use ken, be super offensive with him. That’s really all I have. I am still a bronze level player in that game, so it’s not like I am actually any good.

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All that appeared in story mode will appear in Season 2 as they’re done already. So Decapre definitely in, C Viper in, maybe Balrog’s little buddy Ed.

There’s already an SFV threa though. There was no need to make a new one.

I’ll take the responsibility for that, my bad for reviving this thread instead of posting in the other one (my mind told me this was that thread and I believed it :sweat:)

Holy mother goose, I had not seen that it is 12 months old! I thought this was a new thread.
Sorry guys, sorry Dooby. XD

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