Street Fighter V or Injustice 2 - which one should I get first for PC?

The title says it all.

Hmmm… Injustice 2 has great netcode.

SFV has a strong community.

If you’re looking to get deep into your fighting game and meet people to have exhibitions, SFV and Injustice 2 are fine choices.

If you’re just looking to play casually, get Injustice 2.

I’m mostly playing solo so there is that.
I will wait to the release of SFV’s Arcade Edition anyway till I make a decision.

Injustice 2 has most solo content.

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When I say meeting people for exhibitions, I mean meeting people online and making friends/sparring partners for exhibitions.

Just grinding ranked in street fighter is pretty dry. Finding matches is slow and loading is slow. You really can’t get a few quick matches in like you do in KI.

Injustice 2 is a bit better. It has a faster rate of getting matches along with the good netcode.

Injustice 2 is by far the superior game from story mode, to single player, to online, graphics, net code, options, EVERYTHING.
Injustice is only 14$ right now at Game stop BRAND NEW. Not sure about a PC download but the console version is 14$ Fn dollars!

Injustice 2 just released on Steam and is full price. That means 80€ for the Ultimate Edition.

Are you in Europe? If you have an XBox or PS4 Id recommend just getting it new for 14$.

But if you absolutely just want to pay full steam price…I still say Injustice 2 over SFV

Yes, I live in Europe, Germany to be exact.
I could buy Injustice 2 cheaper than on Steam but nowhere near as cheap as SFV.

I’m not gonna buy one of the two now, I just want to hear some opinions and then wait until January when the Arcade Edition releases to then decide which one I’ll buy.

Injustice 2 has way more single player content and it is if mich higher quality.

But your taste is going to play a big part in what you prefer. They are very different games.

Both suck.

Injustice 2’s solo player content is pretty in depth, wheras SFV’s is infamously lacking. They’ve added a story mode since launch, but it’s A) Not very good, and B) Not the sort of thing you’ll play more than once.

Gameplay reasons aside (Some people like how SFV feels more than I do), the only reason to pick SFV over Injustice is that esports money means there’s probably going to be a much larger user base in the former.

Injustice2 :trophy:

Solo? Definitely get Injustice 2.