Street Fighter V at EVO. What happened?

I just finished watching SFV top 8 and I enjoyed it, tbh. More than I originally thought.
However, I realized some familar and big names had failed to proceed to the final stages.

I am interested in watching what happened before top 8. So a few questions in case you watched a lot of SFV…
Any epic matches? Any recommended players or matches that stood out to you? And, what happened to Tokido?!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

I only saw from Top 16 onwards. Real weird set of names to see up there, only a few notable players and a lot of the big names missing.
Tokido made it to Top 16 but got knocked out by Eita’s Ken i think.

I haven’t watch SFV competitive but aren’t the big names in SF like SnakeEyes, Umehara, Infiltration and Momochi?

Yes, I believe so. As @DoobyDude23 mentioned, a few surprising names (albeit veterans).

Anything worth watching??

The top 8 chairs (yes, chairs to sit on) were hilariously cheap chairs, lol. So much hype and such a big stage, and then to have these seats. Haha


SnakeEyes and Daigo not so much. They’re not bad by any means, but neither of them have found as much success in V as they did in 4. SnakeEyes was one of the first big names to start talking about the 8 frame thing, and Daigo recently said that he’s not entirely sure if the game will even still be played in Japan within a year.

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Just what the doctor ordered. Some SFV highlights are being mentioned that I need to look up.

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Ahh not really, for me. I find SFV quite boring to watch most of the time, I mostly tune in for the commentary and if Laura or Rashid are playing. Compare this Top 8 to KI in terms of diversity with both characters and playstyles, its hands down in favor of KI. I’m still a little irked that KI had 2 out of 3 matches until the last 3. Thanks for the highlights btw, will be nice to watch.

I heard a lot of the bigger names like Tokido and Diago were in the same brackets and likley eliminated each other lol

I only watched top 8 though so I am not 100% sure

Justin Wong eliminated Daigo is what I was told. Somewhere in the top 16 or top 32.

Ive said the before…all fighting tournaments…especially KI need to periodically show the bracket on screen. Show were the tournament is at currently, and why the match taking place is happening. Without seeing the bracket it can get confusing if you get up to go to the bathroom or grab a snack and miss one moment… you can come back not know what happened and where the tournament is at.

Just my thoughts anyway.

Even if they can put it on the screen due to not having the right equipment or technology to do so…at least work up and mention a link to a challenge online bracket or something that can be viewed at real time.


It is the reason that I couldn’t stand watching SFIV anymore in the end. Still I like the"control" aspect and things looking"clean" even though I am hearing SFV has its share of problems with control.

I like watching KI much more too, it’s way more hype (although I am sometimes no longer sure what’s happening on screen and who’s in control).

The chaos and scramble is one of the things I like seeing most.

SFV top 8 was a snooze fest compared to the KI top 8. i can only watch so many mirrors and have so little character usage variety before i just start looking at my phone or doing somethin else

lol thats exactly what happened.


idk, a lot of people say KI is boring to watch.

goes both ways dont it? thats what happens when people have an opinion. mine just happens to be that SF5 top 8 cured my imsomnia (hype died with long island joe)

I could see that. I mean, if you’re used to seeing SF’s style of exchanging one blow after another it might be, in their opinion, boring to see one guy go nuts on the other just because he landed a single special move.

Then again I may just be talking out my butt here. I"m tired, I’ve been up all night working, and I’m really tired.

I would have questioned the top 8 if Infiltration was not in the top 8…I am surprised Tokido and Momochi didn’t make it to top 8 but Fudo is one I thought would have been in the top 8 as well…L I Joe was the biggest surprise and he did well