Street Fighter 5 CPT Premier Pack

Lol Capcom’s back to it’s old tricks again (although it’s for a prize pool)… But honestly I will not spend $25 for a stage, costumes and colors for only 2 characters (too overpriced IMO) and I know that you can earn it with fight money im sure but the grind to get FM is even more tedious than Killer Instinct’s grind (lol no offense Iron Galaxy lol) and then they have classic stages in the works, im pretty sure that’s going be a serious grind to get too.

Yeah I am on the fence about this.

I want CPT Cammy costume and the CPT Fight Arena, but 9.99 for a stage is kind of absurd imo.

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I got annoyed when Arbiter was $9.99 (I don’t know if it is still the same)

but $9.99 for a stage???..The game had a rocky start to begin with but this is not helping

So, Capcom said they wouldn’t make upgraded versions of the game, so there will be no Super SFV or Ultra SFV etc… instead they are doing microtransactions ALOT!

So far, none of this is necessary. It’s not part of the game as such. New characters are one thing, but skins, colours and extra stages are just “luxury items”, so to speak.

Thing is, SFV was very barebones, and it is still missing some things that should have been in the game from the start. All this aren’t part of it though… all this is just extra fluff.

Idk. I get that the money goes to fund the CPT but I still feel like 9.99 for a stage and 5.99 for a costume is a bit much. I sort of feel like this is a shameless cash grab scam…but I am super tempted to buy classy Cammy and CPT stage lol