Street fighter 4 backwards compatible game

First off I am bummed that I have the super street fighter 4, and that one is not BC. Now the SF4 that is BC, are all the characters that are in the SSF4 in this one? I don’t want to buy it if I am going to be missing more than 10 people

No, the version of SF4 currently on the backwards compatibility list is the vanilla SF4, or basically the very first iteration of the game. This version is not compatible with the Super, Arcade Edition, or Ultra Edition upgrades with the full cast of characters. Only Super SF4 is compatible with those upgrades, and it is currently not available for BC, and there is no idea when it will be made BC.

So yeah, this version will only have the basic launch cast, and no one beyond. It will be missing over 20 characters, and it will also be pretty poorly balanced, given this version has some unusual tech that makes some characters, particularly Sagat, extremely powerful.

My advice would be to NOT purchase this version of the game currently on the BC list. Wait until SSF4 launches, as none of the DLC character addons will work with this plain SF4 version.

Thank you. That is exactly what I wanted to know. I looked at my 360 version, and it was the last one. The ultra super version. With what you told me, there is no way I will buy a version that has less people. Just so I can play it on the one.