Strange issue with Dropping Webs

Hey fellow Sadira fans, has anybody else noticed a few issues when dropping webs? If I drop a web in a combo, whether pressing up on the Analog stick or by pressing HP/HK at the same time, I randomly get a “grab” or a “counter breaker” animation instead. This ONLY occurs online and it only occurs with Sadira. If I’m playing with Sabrewulf, I can Feral Cancel without issue. If I’m playing with Orchid, I can toss cats like there’s no tomorrow, but as soon as I start using Sadira, instead of dropping webs, she will sometimes do other attacks.

As stated, this seems to be only a glitch with Sadira and her Instinct. Anybody else experience this?

Never happened to me. Can you record a match where this happens with your inputs turned on?

I will the next time I’m on.