Strange fight Archive issues

Just a couple of things I’ve noticed, one of which @Jukesy1992 can verify as well to do with fight archive.

  • Divergent paths in the same fight: Myself and @Jukesy1992 have experienced this ourselves. Sometimes, at a non-specific point in the fight, both of us will be able to fight the other's character. Sometimes the character will react of it's own accord but other times it will stand still and just take the hits. Consequently, we can both end up winning the same match, probably due to lag/roleback issues.
  • Partially what I wanted but not quite: When I'd finished playing back one of my fights, the announcer (unusually) announced "supreme victory" and I was taken to a rematch screen that didn't work at all. I had to re-launch the game entirely and when I replayed the fight again, the same thing happened. I don't mind it announcing the supreme victory (in fact I think it should've done this before personally), but this is quite a big hole that I've never seen before.