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So in the Original KI and KI2 games, each character had their own unique no mercy’s, humiliation and finishers however as the timeline passed and now that all characters are a bit older now, seems like the storyline has also progressed. So my question is very lore and story related. For example, let’s take, Orchids Boob Flash finisher/humiliation from KI, story wise, what could we say that would explain why she chooses not to do that anymore? What could be put into the story to explain why she does not do it? She is more inner cat oriented now and less into humiliating her opponents? Or she just is older now and is not into that flashing thingy?

2013’s Killer Instinct is not a continuation of the previous games, it’s a reboot of the franchise. There are no direct links between them.


What ShabuWL said.

That said, explaining why someone doesnt flash their rack anymore, is too cheesy to even contemplate.

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Yeah they rebooted the entire series. It takes elements from the first two games, but overall it’s a brand new fresh start for the series.

eeeeh… I get the devs and people say it’s a reboot, but they’ve carried over some noticeable story elements from the first two games, like Jago and Orchid being brother and sister, and Kim holding the key to beating Gargos. If they brought that stuff over they could work something out with the boob flash.

It’s rated T for Teen - get over her breasts and move on.

The boob flash was such a 90’s thing. It wouldn’t fly today as it is probably even more taboo than Thunder’s old look.

I didn’t know it was a total reboot as I can clearly see things in this game, gameplay and story wise that root from the original games. So that is why I was trying to get a story related answer, factual or hypothetical, to why one does not do what they used to do. This flashing thing was her signature and also according to killer instinct wiki, she was younger in the original games, and she is older now, so it seemed to me despite the fact it is a reboot, maybe, key elements pertaining to the story are still intact. For example, according to the wiki, orchid was 22 during the events of the original killer instinct, but now she is 32. Seemed like time did indeed pass hence making me feel the story is a continuation. That said, wouldn’t the best hypothetical answer be that she doesn’t do it since its not the 90s anymore?

Double Helix did in fact start the game as a sequel. Before the game was released, their streams were filled with details about the character’s stories and how their motivations evolved after the events of KI 2, but once IG got hold of the game they decided to turn it into a reboot. So there will still be some remnants of sequel-treatments but that is changed now.

To be honest…I never understood the plot line of the first KI and KI2 made everything a convoluted mess. I kinda prefer this being a reboot and starting fresh.

Have you read through the back stories of the revamped storyline?

You can see it like Original Devil May cry vs New DMC.

Dante and Vergil are there, but totally diferent history

This KI has elements of the originals, but story-wise, they never happened

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Good analogy.

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After seeing many failed attempts to push some lore and backstory into recent fighting games, i stopped caring about story. I just want fun combat and badass characters. And KI provides this.