Story Mode Endings not Unlocking

Hello all,

I started playing through Story Mode, Season 1 Rivals last night via my Xbox One X. I did Jago’s “Ladder,” played through it on Medium Difficulty, completed it, and performed an Ultra Combo on Orchid.

As far as I can tell I satisfied the requirements for all three of his endings, yet only Ending 3 unlocked.

Am I missing something with how the process works?


The text in the Season 1 story mode endings is leftover from S1, and as such the old difficulty titles are still there. The previous Medium difficulty is now Hard difficulty. So to get the last Jago ending, you need to play Hard.

Well, that’s the thing. I did get his third ending off of Medium Difficulty. It’s the other two that did not unlock, despite me finishing his “ladder” (requirement for the first) and despite me performing an Ultra Combo on Orchid (requirement for the second).

Unless I’m mistaken, all three of them should have unlocked.

Oh, you have to play it 3 times. You can only get one ending per ladder


Well, I tried Jago’s Ladder a second time last night. I played on Medium, and did not Ultra Fulgore or Orchid, and it once again played the third ending; no new unlock.

I saw on the Wiki that it was set up kind of like Killer Instinct 2, where performing an Ultra Combo on Fulgore or your Rival, or not, would result in one of the three endings depending on the combination. I’m assuming that’s changed since I should have gotten a different ending then last night.

I believe you can only unlock one ending at a time.

It unlocks the ‘‘Hardest One’’ first

The objectives go with something like this.

Ending 1: Complete Story without any specific requirements
Ending 2: Ultra Combo Rival (Character before Fulgore or Fulgore itself if you are playing Fulgore) Try saying that 3 times fast.
Ending 3: Something about Game Mechanics (100% Combo Breaker Rate, 100% Shadow Efficency, Perfect Victory, 5000XP in a single match etc…)

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Odd then. I should have unlocked the first ending for Jago on my last attempt. Guess I’ll simply try again soon.