Story characters for season 3

So are their any characters in the background that could be fleshed out as a character in season 3? I know we’ll get tusk, wu, gargos and maybe eyedoll. Is there anyone else mentioned in the stories that we could bring around? I think atleast a eagle accessory set for thunder would be cool.

Well, we’ve had discussions about the possibility that the Babylonian king that’s so prominent in Kan-Ra, Aganos, and now Spinal’s story could be a potential possibility. :wink:

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I wouldn’t know really but any new characters welcomed so long as they are not all guest characters.

Obviously a previous SWD coworker for Orchid

aww c’mon… Let Eagle rest in peace. This is not Mortal Kombat to have a character revived after being turned into a cyborg (Kuai Liang/Cyber Sub-Zero). Maybe we should ask Quan-chi to ressurrect Eagle as a specter too.

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We need Sabrewulf’s brother, who also happens to be Orchid’s husband, and they were also Cinder’s old roommate, and they also went to high school with TJ, and they were also neighbors with Sadira.


You forgot Orchids jealous mean girl sister Kim Wu and her Jungle friend Maya with Monster High Prom Queen Hisako

We need Gargos’s sister’s cousin’s uncle’s ex wife’s roommate’s best friend’s aunt’s grandmother’s granddaughter’s brother’s adopted son.

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But he doesn’t even have the firecat what would his instinct be

Kim Wu also brings a depth of possibility if they keep her as a descendant of guardians much like Maya-

A peer or family member that is male and marital arts-laden
Maybe the training elder from KI Gold training mode in Kim’s dojo

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Here’s what I would love to see in season 3. First lets get guest characters out the way something tells me there will be two:
Rash - travels the universe for a new fight having seen other realms aka gargos realm it does make sense.
Second I would love to see Joanna dark join the fight and team up with orchid. It would be cool to see a shared universe and their agencies team up and fight. Should could be a more gun based version or orchid.
With gargos, Kim and tusk that leaves 4 people.
Obviously people want new characters but it would be awesome to see comic or background characters get some light.
I would like one more ultra tech creation not sure if any have been mentioned.
And although most people hate him I want to see eyedoll appear to rival gargos and maybe have a follower like omen is to gargos. It would be cool to see aria searching for a way to stop gargos and decides to release eyedoll so she can weaken both gods and take down the winner of the fight when he isn’t at full strength. And for me that leaves one bonus character. I think it would be sick as a bonus non story character to have a eagle with wires all through his body looking half man half robot basically a pre fulgore design. Thoughts?

I still think the babalonian king could have been gargous :hushed:

Maybe its why kan ra was so scared?


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I’d still say a vampire would be suited for Sabrewulf’s life. And someone from Orchid’s former organization can be the “Kano” of KI since Orchid is the “Sonya”.

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Yeah a female vampire a queen of potions. Someone eho wpuld have taught him some of his magics maybe?

Joanna dark is coming lol thats orchids team up hhehe