Storm collectibles

Not to bash ultimate source but if storm collectibles got a hold of the KI license I think I would have a heart attack from excitement if you haven’t seen their mk or sf line yet you need too!!!

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Oh daddy… That’s one beefy bara Shao Kahn right there. :3 :heart:

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So far for mortal Kombat they have scorpion subzero reptile noob and shao Kahn. They are fully articulate with multiple accessories. They are amazing!!!

I have a scorpion and sub zero now. I also a have 3.5 scale of scorpion. It is cool to see it next to a arkham knight and a darth vader.

Kahn does look sharp. I will need to look into the Reptile.

That puts the KI figs to shame. Every day I need to re stand my Fulgore and put his blades on a few times.

Actually the more I look at him the more I just see a He-man action figure in a new costume.


Same the quality of KI is very lacking