Stories KI can do in the future?

With season 3 coming with the story of Gargos, I hope for future sequels once this season is the last one.

But what future stories would you picture KI using?


  • KI Tournament
  • Rise of Ultratech
  • Gargos


  • Tournament
  • Outworld Invasion
  • Netherrealm Invasion
  • The Deadly Alliance & the Dragon King


  • Shadoloo
  • S.I.N.
  • The Illuminati


  • Mishima family feud

Definitely Gargos story next. After that… I’d actually look forward to some more ARIA screwing with people. Maybe ARIA uses part of a defeated Gargos to make a new super duper Gargos named STARgos! Who’s 4000 ft tall and able to fire comets out of his star nips!

Seriously though yeah I’d like to see ARIA take the mantle of top antagonist. Not enough fighting games have an evil female boss (Not saying she’s actually evil… I know that’s in conjecture).

If not that then someone/something totally new! But what would be new in a game where zombie mummies fight aliens and robots? … wait!

ZombAlieBots! Okay I changed my mind! Forget ARIA. We need a Zombie alien robot invasion! Add in a love story and some jokes about the economy and…


It practically writes itself!

Eyedol for one. If Eyedol and Gargos are opposing primordial forces, and Earth gets caught in the crossfire of the epic feud only hinted at in the old school games, that could be pretty epic.

Other than the obvious…more personal story arches would be cool too. That is one of the things that I love about MK, that though there are always big story beats going on, there are plenty of side stories mixed in there. Some leading to the same end as the main story, and some going in other directions.

Major story beats that can be told after Eyedol? Literally anything.

They could do a rival mega corporation vying for power…

An unnamed “Guardian” of some sort, an entity of light coming to “cleans” the world of Shadow…

A cross-over story with another universe (not something crazy…), could be interesting too…

The story can literally go anywhere. I just hope they lay the seed right, and make it good.

After Gargos and his mythical demonic horde, I’m thinking next game story…

  • mutants (metahumans/psychics) & aliens

Imagine a detective hunting down a mad scientist for centuries. Think Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty. The mad scientist would be serving an evil alien that crash landed on Earth, and gave him the secrets to gaining the power of a new humanity. It’s kinda like Frankenstein/Jekyll/Griffith mixed with Mister Sinister and joined with Apocalypse.