Stopping the abuse of jumping

I’ve been forced to play Kan-Ra to get all the achievements in this game, something I’m far from happy with. However, players who I know I could take were I Fulgore or most other characters I just can’t stop from jumping in and wrecking me.

Any advice appreciated. It’s driving me slowly and inevitably towards putting the game down for a very protracted period of time, especially considering the skill (or definite lack thereof) of the players I’m having to fight.

AA Command Throw

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Jumping? Unless you know how to anti-air, then getting jumped should be the least of your concerns. Try to replay those videos where you lost and analyze where you may have messed up at.

Don’t let the losses get you down.

I know how to anti-air with Fulgore and other "conventional"characters. However, Kan-Ra is anything but. It’s the jumping in that makes me lose. They jump, hit with one attack into a full combo. Then reset and repeat. Can’t reversal it, can’t counter it, can’t get away as whatever they do next hits me. Think of it like a costant use of pre-patch Eyedol.

Jago, Orchid, Thunder, Omen, Spinal, basically everyone else I’ve fought with the players having very little skill can win just through using this tactic.

To quote Arbiter. Were it so easy?

I pose this as an honest question. Have you tried to catch with a command throw like that (where there are two different angles to choose from) without being able to see your opponent’s jump height and working from the timing alone?

I’ll tell you my opinion on that. It’s darn near if not completely impossible (unless you’re just plain lucky) to capture someone out of the air if you do, like me, have no sight.

Well if you have no sight like you said then yeah sure.

Well… I hate to be the bad guy buddy, but that is the fundamental problem you’re having.

He has two anti-air grabs that are designed to function as defenses against jump ins, as well as I imagine scarabs to clutter the air way and prevent free jumping. Now making use of these fully would likely require vision. Hence, there’s the fundamental problem which has no answer with you.

I’m sorry man, there are going to be limitations to what you can do in KI when you can’t make use of one of the most important portions of it. That’s just how it goes. People in wheel chairs have trouble using stairs and people who are blind have trouble playing video games. This doesn’t mean you can’t, but you have to know you’ll be having trouble going in.


Rage quitting doesn’t help. And I hope you are not grouping me into the “I could beat them if I were Fulgore group…because they have no skill.” We can go again anytime.

I can say this…I rarely jumped and mainly shadowed through your Scarabs and put you into the corner for flip out throw resets.

You never used his command grab…you never used his sand spike. You never used his jumping HP.
You are trying to use Kan-ra as an up close fighter like fulgore…he is not that type of fighter… he needs medium distance and traps on the ground and in the air.

You may find more luck if you actually finish the set and try to down load your opponent instead of quitting after the first match.

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Would it have been a set? I don’t think so as I’m not of the required rank (though please correct me if I’m wrong). The reason I didn’t use what I know is has a simple answer: I couldn’t with you rushing me down. Were you playing Jago? If so, what you did is exactly the kind of thing I’ve hated whilst fighting as Kan-Ra. I understand and know that I’ll have trouble playing as him, which is why I want to just get this stupid achievement out of the way and done with so I only have to face the AI as Kan-Ra to get the remaining ones.

I’ve just had so much salt whilst playing as Kan-Ra. I wasn’t specifically saying I could take you as Fulgore, but I’d have a far easier time of punishing, creating space etc with him than I would with #notamummy.

I’ll be happy to talk/train with you, if you’re offering that, it’d be very much appreciated.

I have difficulties playing Kan Ra as well, one of the main reason I’m bad with certain characters is because I DON’T like their gamestyle.
If you are going fot the achievement and it’s that really important to you then maybe is better to requilify and try that character vs not killer players that have invested more time in their mains and mus and everything (or that’s what we assume).
Then you should think about set ups. That character is about set ups. You need anyone to tell you or describe you what you are doing on screen when doing this setups so you can have an idea of what the other guy is watching and maybe you can messure the distances better. With this space control you want to drag them to your trap. Until you can hit confirm and beat them.

Sorry, that’s the only thing I can think of =S

PS: If I were to use Kan Ra I would go to the lab to practice set ups first. I tried ranking and didn’t get results, it’s important to know what you are doing with that character.

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You can preemptively occupy airspace with scarabs, and when the opponent is within range to jump at you they’re also at a range where your pokes can stop their jumps during startup. 3HP is a bit slow but the hitbox is excellent, and kan-ra has a very low crouch. 2HK should also work just fine. The latter two options also get you distance and a recapture respectively.

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Try to fight kan-ra against the cpu in killer + mode and just watch the sand flows everywhere. It’s a sand nightmare.

Its all good man… I was playing Omen and I had 2 RQs back to back. Your RQ gave me a probation warning… so thats not cool. Not sure what will actually happen from that if someone else RQs but… owell what can I do?

Being you are just going for Achievements…I wouldn’t take it so serious. No reason to get upset since you know its not your main character and you are just trying to get an achievement.

My advice would be to relax and focus on what you can do to win instead of focusing on pulling your hair out. lol

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I guess I respect your tenacity, but I just really don’t see the point of putting yourself through insane trials that are clearly not enjoyable for you while playing a videogame. You’re playing the game to have fun, so what’s the point in grinding something you obviously and unequivocally hate? Achievements really aren’t that deep man. :slight_frown:

On the other side of the ledger, you’re going to need to learn to AA with down+HP’s I think. AA command grabs have to be done primarily on reads as opposed to reactions I believe, and sandsplosion is dependent on having sand out, which isn’t a guarantee. How you manage that effectively without sight, I honestly don’t know. You can start to condition people into jumping into AA command grabs by using grounded command grabs, but in a pure neutral situation or defense I don’t think AA clutch will be your best option.


I play for achievements as well. While I do struggle with it I stik with it because it’s an entertaining challenge. Sometimes the mind feels it need to do something because it looks cool. I can’t say it’s completely meaningless but you are right, I won’t sacrifice fun for achievements.

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That would be good advice, if I wasn’t fighting players who just kick the crap out of me and I can do nothing to get them away from me :frowning:

I appreciate the sentiment though, don’t worry

Why grind it? To prove to people that I can do it. If I didn’t have this competitive streak, I don’t know if I’d be half the player I am. That’s why I got to Killer in S2, again in S3 and got around 20 of the 26 ranked achievements (I have TJ, Maya, Kan-Ra, Rash and Mira to get now if I haven’t missed any). I appreciate the advice you’re giving though. The way I see it is once I’ve got these achievements, I don’t have to play these characters ever again unless I choose to. It’s the equivalent of getting level 50 for me as I can’t see the level of a character, kind of like the final mountain to climb before I can say I understand how hard a character is… I’m rambling. But there’s an element of actual achievement in amongst the simple gamerscore.

That and this’ll be my first game I’ve platinumed (other than the SL mode achievements)

I appreciate the simplicity of the advice. I’ve tried that but they just seem to be out of range of the bugs, or they just jump it and rush me. That’s 90% of the problem really.

D+hp doesn’t work as an anti-air - tried it on a Jago who decided to jump at me and he just kept avoiding it. Swarming the screen didn’t help and neither did qcf+k to keep him pinned.

Quick correction here: Kan-Ra’s down+HP isn’t an anti-air, it’s a long range sweep-like attack that launches. Down+back + HP is his anti-air. Crouching HK is also a decent anti-air button.

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