Still with Omen?

Are we still playing with Omen? This section has been dead for a while. Remember Omen is the best!!


I run across an omen every now and then. It’s a nice matchup to get because he can be tricky to deal with in the hands of an experienced player.

I’ve moved on to his boss gargos =p.

I find Omen is similar to Sadira.

they have cool tricks, but after a while, everyone learns to block all of it, then it just gets too hard to open people up while staying safe. When you add the low damage making the combos not feel rewarding enough, the character just looses appeal.

I know he is a top-tier character, but all the attention he has recieved has changed the meta game in a way that makes him less fun than before.

Just my thoughts.

I’ve moved on to learning every character in the game, and i am so interested in some of the other cast members, that i cant see myself going back to omen.

I started playing other characters too. Eyedol and Tusk are my side chicks.

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I tried a few others, but I’m stuck on Omen. I’ve really been enjoying learning the flipout and always miss all the shadow meter he gets if I play somebody else. Omen is definitely under explored, one idea that always crosses my mind is how many more shadow counters (per match) he could have compared to the rest of the cast.



Looking at my amazing Omen fight stick right now, making an Omen video of a clutch comeback combo against a decent Eyedol.

Don’t ever abandon the astral demon henchman…OMEN!


You have a point. I never thought about that

Bro I have so much omen content in bout to drop in this chat.



Omen is the god. This character is top 5 bro.

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you could say the same thing about sadira. Constant crossups and empty-jump-lows, and throws that lead to combos, and an instinct that makes her go NUTS…

Yet she is nowhere near top 5 in most peoples eyes.

Omen always striked me as a half-made character. They could’ve at least given him his wings at all times.

He is fun to play and I have seen people do some crazy stuff using his tools. Although, it is very rare to see him. I will occasionally play him just to get away from Jago. In fact, I play him more than Shago.

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We are waiting @DulXboxOne

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I got to complete a task before I can drop this content.


a 4 day task… #bossmode

Bro this task is VERY DIFFICULT to do. Like I need to make sure it’s fool proof before I do it.

I don’t run into many Omens on ranked but I still run with him in my usual rotation. I still think he is a monster though especially with how easy it is for him to gain meter.

Plus hitting the Raging Demon is always hype as ■■■■ especially when you can complete it for humongous damage.

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Omen content coming this weekend. I’ll upload everything about how I use the character. Useful tech. Creative flipout manuevers. Frame traps. And general strategy to keep on the up and up in this match up.