Still trouble with Steam and Ultratech Servers

Bought the game on Steam about a week ago, and been having a blast!
Just kinda wish there were more low-lvls online :sweat_smile:

Though I havn’t been able to use Shadow Labs, more than making a shadow, uploading it. And that’s it.
Can’t find or list other shadows, fight shadows or access the Ultratech Servers.
And other features in the game that seems to need the Ultratech Servers complains about it not being able to sync or connect to them.

I can play other people online via ranked, lobby etc though.

And from what I’ve gathered it seems like this isn’t a new problem, and alot of people have had, and are having, troubles with this. Attaching an recent example.

Anyone know more about it? If maybe MS is working on it, or have they left us high and dry?