Still possible to play against S1 Boss Shago?

I’m just curious, is it still possible to play against the Season 1 Boss version of Shadow Jago?
I haven’t seen anyone play against him ever since the release of Season 3.

It’s possible, but it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Namely, you have to use a season 1 disc version of Killer Instinct and play offline so the game wont try to update. This one came out long ago and featured TJ Combo as a free downloadable character.

If you can find one of those older discs containing the late season 1 build, that’s your best bet. Otherwise, no, it’s definitely impossible.

But I’ve only been here since season 3 (Windows version) and fought boss Shago? @SightlessKombat has done so on multiple occasions, too. :thinking:
You do it via season 1 story mode by completing certain conditions. Also I never play offline, either.

From the KI wiki:-

Shadow Jago is not fought in Arcade Mode by conventional means and must be unlocked to fight. In order to fight him, you must see all three endings of a character in Arcade Mode, regardless of difficulty. After doing that, that character (or any other character that has all three endings) must go through Arcade Mode again on at least Hard or higher difficulty. The player must not lose one fight, get two Supreme Victories, Ultra one opponent before the Rival character, and then Ultra the Rival.

He’s talking about the version of Shadow Jago from Season 1, not season 3.

Shadow Jago is still a playable boss, but the version where he had Jago’s tools, and was aesthetically different is a season 1 variation you can no longer play, at least not without the season 1 disc. The version you’ll play now is the regular Shadow Jago version after his redesign that we all know with the crazy cross ups.

Edit: This video demonstrates what I’m talking about, and what the original post asks about:

That’s Max playing season 1 boss Shadow Jago. Notice that he’s got Jago’s moves, his slide kick is different, his uppercut has forward momentum like Jago’s, he has the laser sword linker, the portal effects are missing, and the Ultimate does not fade the screen to black like they do now, and instead there is an actual night sky to the stage. This version of Shadow Jago is no longer playable.

I recall playing S1 Boss Shago in S3, with Jagos tools included. So it should be possible still.

I may have to try this then and see for myself, I don’t remember seeing this version surviving the transition to season 3.

This is him, right?

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Well, I stand corrected. I thought he was changed once they gave him his own moveset. Maybe I confused him with some Shadow Lords version, or something. Glad to see this version still remains in some small form.

Thanks for letting me know about this topic. I think what the OP is referring to is the ability to fight a boss Shago that doesn’t use the new moveset, which is in fact entirely possible as you’ve stated. I think they might’ve tweaked the difficulty settings/requirements in the years after KI’s arcade mode patch release in (I think it was) 2014, but as long as the character you’re playing has all 3 endings unlocked, the difficulty is high enough and you get enough ultras/supremes, you should get to Boss Shago no trouble at all.

You might be thinking of Gargos, who is modified to work differently in Shadow Lords to how he works in the standard game, thus resultantly screwing up replays in the process as I found the hard way. :frowning:

The last time I checked Boss Shago still works pretty much the same, only there is one difference now that new Ultimates had been added. IIRC Boss Shago was tied up enough to Jago that when they gave Jago his own Ultimate, Boss Shago got it as well. So now he can use Jago’s spirit bomb Ultimate.
…unless that’s been patched out since IG stopped working on the game…