Still no raam ranked achievement :/

So I just got my 20th win with raam and got the achievement for him, but still no ranked achievement. I really don’t like that the devs have let this still be an issue without and hotfix’s, given how MS can ban you for having out of order achivement if the cheat system think’s its cheating.

Play offline, me and a bunch of other people had the achievement randomly pop while in other game modes. Emphasis on “randomly” though.

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I also got the win a ranked match w/ Raam achievement randomly playing the CPU offline during the first day or so he was in free character rotation. I’ve never played online so it was quite weird of me to get it. Though I play on Win10, not sure that makes a difference?

It wil pop when you do the 80 fight challenges cheevo togheter with that one.

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this ^